10 Healthy Foods for Fatty Liver

Healthy Fatty Liver Foods are basically rich in nutrients that help speed up metabolism. in addition, fatty liver – or hepatic steatosis – is a disease that affects this organ and is characterized by the accumulation of fat. If left untreated, it can be quite swollen and develop into cirrhosis. However, there is no specific treatment for this situation, there are only ways of preventing and preventing its evolution. One of them is the change in eating habits, the reduction of body weight and the regular practice of physical exercise.

The main causes of fatty liver are excessive intake of high-fat foods that increase cholesterol and overload the organ and alcoholism. The disease can also be associated with others, such as Diabetes , Hypertension and obesity.

Therefore, the recommended for those who have this problem is to have a healthier diet, giving preference to low-fat foods. Sweets and alcohol should also be avoided, and the new diet should be rich in protein and fiber, such as wheat germ, oatmeal and granola. So, check out the 10 Healthy Foods for Fatty Liver .

Water : Wateris the fuel for the liver to work. remembering that, when alcohol and fats enter our body, they become toxic substances that overload the work of the liver. therefore, water is essential to help eliminate these toxins. In addition, the liver is responsible for producing bile (or bile juice) that acts on the digestion of fats as if it were a detergent. The organ produces between 800 ml to a liter of bile per day and without water this will not be possible.

Artichoke : Artichokeis a good healthy food alternative for fatty liver . It has acinarin, caffeic acid and luteolin. They stimulate the production of hepatic bile, forming bile signals and helping to control cholesterol. It also contains an active ingredient that has hepatoproeror and regenerating properties of liver cells. In addition, due to its detoxification potential, it assists in the proper functioning of the intestine and the proper functioning of the intestine and the body, improving and increasing thermogenesis, thus helping to burn calories and, consequently, lose weight. .

Grapefruit: Grapefruit helps due to the action of naringenin, which slows down the process of liver inflammation. In addition, it is an excellent source of Vitamin C.

Dandelion: Dandelion is another excellent Healthy Food alternative for Fatty Liver . It has a very important anti-inflammatory function in liver treatment. In addition, it assists in the removal of toxins and also in diuresis, improving fluid retention in the body. Dandelion leaf juice eliminates waste from the liver and improves the functioning of bile.

Aloe Vera: I could not fail to mention it, because I really like the results of this plant, not only in liver treatment, but in its health benefits. It is worth remembering that it should not be manipulated at home, as its bark has a toxic substance, which can cause a lot of irritation in the intestine and even more serious problems. In the liver, it acts on the removal of toxins and liver regeneration due to its great anti-inflammatory potential, as it contains prostaglandins and antioxidant – due to the action of the enzyme superoxide dismutase.

Ginger: Ginger is another good choice of Healthy Foods for Fatty Liver. Because, it helps regulate the secretions released by the liver due to its astringent action. It can be grated or added to juices and teas.

Turmeric: Turmeric is the liver’s favorite spice. The curcumin present in turmeric has potent anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antimutagenic effects. So try adding some of this detoxifier to your plate. therefore, being a great healthy food for fatty liver.

Garlic and Onion: They have sulfur compounds, such as allicin, sulfides and ajoene, which have proven protective and antioxidant action.

Lemon : Lemonis another good healthy food alternative for fatty liver . Well, he is a great detoxifying agent, Rich in Vitamin C and high levels of citric acid. The great secret of lemon juice is that it allows us to break down food in the stomach, making digestion easier and more adequate. All this is due to the acids in the fruit, which stimulate the stomach and protect our liver.

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