The 18 Health Benefits of Tucumã

The Benefits of Tucumã for Health  are diverse, because  Tucumã   has a large amount of essential nutrients for the general health of the body. In addition, the   Tucumã  (Astrocaryum aculeatum), also known as acaiúra, acuiuru, coconut-tucumã, tucum, tucumã-açu, tucumã-arara, tucum-açu, tucumaí-da-terra-firme, tucumãí-uaçu, tucumã-piririca , tucumã-purupuru or tucum-do-mato.Its skin is green when the fruit is not yet ripe, turning yellow-orange after it ripens. With Tucumã a light yellow flour is made, similar to corn flour, used in the preparation of porridge and couscous in the Northeast.

Tucumã is an Amazonian fruit that has been used to help prevent and treat Diabetes , as it is rich in Omega-3 , a fat that reduces inflammation and high cholesterol  , also helping to control blood sugar levels. . So, check out  The 18 Health Benefits of Tucumã:

Benefit of Tucumã as a Source of Calcium:  Tucumã is rich in  calcium  that helps in building strong and healthy bones, but also strengthens teeth, improves muscle contractions and even blood clotting.

Tucumã Benefit For Acne:  Tucumã is  also a good source of Vitamin C , which helps our body produce Collagen . Collagenis known to maintain skin elasticity , prevent wrinkles and slow down the aging process. Vitamin C also improves our immunity and helps fight acne -causing skin bacteria.

 Benefit of Tucumã for the Immune System: In addition to the delicious juice that can be obtained from the fruit, Tucumã is also a source of Vitamin C , an essential nutrient for the Immune System and weight loss. Vitamin C works as an antioxidant, preventing some diseases, such as colds and tumors. 

Benefit of Tucumã as a Source of Magnesium:  Tucumã  produces energy and regulates blood sugar and participates in several chemical reactions in the body. In addition, the Magnesium  contained in  Tucumã helps maintain proper levels of other minerals such as Calcium , Potassium and  Zinc . It also helps in protein synthesis and energy transport, facilitating the transmission of nerve impulses and regulating muscle contractions.

Benefit of Tucumã to Prevent Erectile Dysfunction:  In addition to being an aphrodisiac, Tucumã is important for the vascular system and therefore great for preventing, for example, Erectile Dysfunction .

Benefit of Tucumã to Reduce Cholesterol:  In Tucumã  there is a large amount of soluble fibers  that help reduce blood cholesterol . Omega-3 ,are healthy fats and beneficial to health, can be found in olive oil. Thus, being one of the foods that reduce cholesterol and prevent heart attacks, in addition to preventing the formation of fatty plaques in the arteries, it also reduces bad cholesterol (LDL) and increases good cholesterol (HDL). 

 Benefit of Tucumã to Combat Early Aging: Tucumã contains antioxidants. They help improve your complexion by providing the nourishment your skin needs. They also protect your body from any cellular degeneration caused most likely due to Aging . 

Benefit of Tucumã as a Source of Vitamin C:  The Vitamin C  present in Tucumã  acts as an antioxidant in the body and eliminates or neutralizes free radicals that can cause chronic diseases, including cancer . Vitamin C also stimulates the production of white blood cells to attack disease and foreign microbes in the body, as well as functioning as a key element in collagen production .

Benefit of Tucumã As a Source of Proteins:  Contribute to the growth and development of muscles, bones, ligaments and tissues. They help fight infections by stimulating the Immune System . Proteins are also required to maintain bodily functions such as digestion , metabolism and circulation.

Benefit of Tucumã as a Source of Potassium:  Tucumã is a source of  Potassium  which is essentially used to maintain fluid balance, aid in muscle function, remove waste from the body, help keep the nervous system working properly. Potassium deficiency causes fatigue, irritability and hypertension (blood pressure).

Benefit of Tucumã as a Source of Fiber:  Fiber is  the indigestible part of carbohydrates, found mainly in foods of plant origin such as Tucumã . It forms a gelatinous mass in our Digestive system . It transforms food into bulk, facilitating digestion and increasing nutrient absorption. Fiber helps to reduce therisk of chronic diseases such as high blood pressure , cholesterol , diabetes and heart disease.

Other Health Benefits of Tucumã:

  • Tucumã helps improve  blood circulation;
  • Tucumã can prevent  erectile dysfunction;
  • Tucumã  helps to fight bacterial and fungal infections ;
  • Tucumã can prevent  cancer and cardiovascular diseases;
  • Tucumã  also helps to fight premature aging .
  • Tucumã In addition to these benefits, tucumã is also used as an ingredient in beauty products such as moisturizing creams, body lotions and masks to hydrate the hair.

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