The 8 benefits of old man’s cinnamon – what it’s for and characteristics!

The benefits of old-aged cinnamon are many and varied, but it contains many nutrients that are essential for the general health of the whole body. Furthermore, nature is truly extraordinary and its healing power knows no bounds. Therefore, recipes that can be easily made at home with natural herbs are always very useful. By any chance, have you ever heard of old man’s cinnamon tea?

In fact, this is a very famous natural drink in medicine based on elements of nature. It is a combination with high therapeutic power to end muscle and joint pain.

You can find several plants called old cinnamon, but the ideal ingredient to produce this tea refers to the plant with the following scientific name: Miconiaalbicans.

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Cinnamon Benefits:

1. Fights cancer:

Really, old man’s cinnamon has numerous benefits for your well being. It is worth noting that it is even used as an auxiliary treatment against cancer.

2. End Arthritis and Arthrosis:

Another advantage of consuming this tea frequently is its ability to reduce and even totally eliminate the pain of Arthritis and osteoarthritis .

There are even those who say that it brings immediate relief to diseases such as osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis .

3. Reduces joint pain:

Many people and even athletes end up using cinnamon tea from old age to reduce the discount caused by joint inflammation.

4. Prevents knee pain:

Did you come home from training with a lot of knee pain? The tip is to prepare the drink and do the proper treatment so you don’t run the risk of getting seriously injured.

5. Eliminates non-intestinal problems:

Old man cinnamon tea can also work wonders for the condition of your intestines as it has the power to alleviate problems in this vital organ.

6. Fight diabetes:

Diabetics can also take advantage of this natural drink in their daily lives.

7. Stomach diseases:

Are you suffering from stomach pains? Often, these burns can be caused by emotional issues, as well as stress , nervousness, and tension. Nothing a cup of tea can’t help improve!

8. High healing power:

Finally, old man’s cinnamon tea has been proven to be used against tendinitis, stiff necks, bursitis, foot sprains, back pain, herniated discs and fibromyalgia.

Learn how to make the tea recipe:


  • 1 liter of water
  • 15 cinnamon leaves

Preparation mode

  • Bring the water to a boil. When it reaches the boiling point, it’s time to put the leaves in for 30 seconds only. Turn off the heat and add the lid to the pan.
  • The ideal is to drink two cups a day, before lunch and also with dinner. The rest of the tea can be placed on the affected region.
  • The ideal treatment time to obtain good results is 30 days, which can be extended for another 60 days. This can vary depending on the illness.
  • It is worth noting that you can be pain free in the first few days, but don’t make the mistake of abandoning treatment in the middle.

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