The 21 Health Benefits of Mustard Oil

The Health Benefits of Mustard Oil  are diverse, as Mustard Oil  has a large amount of essential nutrients for the general health of the body. Also, as the name suggests, mustard oil is a fatty vegetable oil extracted from mustard seeds . It has a dark yellow color and a slightly pungent flavor. There are generally three types of mustard oils , depending on the way of extraction. The first is a vegetable oil obtained by pressing mustard seeds .The second is an essential oil that is made by grinding the seeds, mixing them with water, and extracting the oil through distillation. The third process involves infusing mustard seed extract with other vegetable oils such as soybean oil . All three categories of oil have a spicy, nutty flavor and a strong aroma. So check it out:

The 21 Health Benefits of Mustard Oil:

Mustard Oil Remove Dark Spots and Spots:  Mustard oil is effective in removing dark spots , giving you naturally glowing skin. For this purpose, prepare a face mask by mixing mustard oil, besan (Bengal grass flour), curd and a few drops of lemon juice and apply it on your face. Rinse with cold water after 10 to 15 minutes. This should be done three times a week for best results.

Benefits of Mustard Oil for Brightening Skin:  If you want smooth facial skin, apply a mixture of mustard oil and coconut oil to your face and massage the area in a circular motion for 5-6 minutes. Gently wipe your face with a smooth, wet cotton cloth. This will stimulate blood circulation, brightening the skin as well as getting rid of pimples .

Mustard Oil is an Excellent Natural Sunscreen:  Due to its thick consistency and high levels of Vitamin E , topical application of this oil protects the skin against ultraviolet rays and other pollutants, preventing skin cancer . Vitamin E prevents aging and wrinkles, as well as acting as a sun blocker.

Mustard Oil Stimulates Sweat Glands:  Whether consumed or applied topically, mustard oil stimulates sweat glands and opens the skin pores. In this way, it helps in lowering body temperature and removing unwanted toxins, water and salts from the body.

Mustard Oil for Rashes and Infections Treatments:  Due to its antibacterial and antifungal properties, mustard oil is effective in treating rashes and other skin infections by preventing your skin from becoming dry and itchy. A body massage with mustard oil rejuvenates and cleanses the skin, increasing blood circulation. In addition, due to its anti-inflammatory properties, it is effective in reducing skin inflammation and facilitates rapid healing of cuts and wounds.

Mustard Oil Benefits for Lips:  Mustard oil is a great remedy for dry and chapped lips. Before going to bed, just apply a drop or two of mustard oil to your lips and you will never have dry or chapped lips. This is an ancient remedy that has proven to be effective in hydrating and smoothing lips.

Mustard Oil Benefits Hair Growth:  Massaging the scalp with mustard oil stimulates hair growth by increasing blood circulation in the scalp. It is packed with vitamins and minerals, a high amount of beta-carotene. This beta carotene is converted into Vitamin A which is excellent for hair growth. In addition, it contains Iron , fatty acids, Calcium and Magnesium , all of which promote hair growth.

Mustard Oil Prevents Premature Aging: Mustard oil is effective in preventing premature aging and darkens hair naturally. This way, instead of dyeing your hair, you can massage your hair with mustard oil every night for a considerable result.

Mustard Oil Prevents Hair Loss and Other Scalp Problems:  Mustard oil acts as a hair revitalizer, fighting hair loss and baldness as well as treating dry and damaged hair. It also prevents scalp infections by inhibiting fungal growth and keeping it hydrated.

Benefits of Mustard Oil to Increase Appetite:  Good health depends on a healthy appetite. Mustard oil acts as an appetizer, stimulating gastric juices in the stomach. In this way, those who have a lack of appetite can use it as a cooking oil.

Mustard Oil is an Excellent Stimulant:  Mustard oil acts as a powerful stimulant, stimulating the digestive, circulatory and excretory systems. It aids digestion by stimulating the secretion of digestive juices and bile from the spleen and liver , which increases peristaltic movement of food. Massaging the oil externally stimulates blood circulation and sweat glands, lowering body temperature.

Mustard Oil Benefits for Muscles:  Mustard oil stimulates the feeling of irritation in organs and muscles.

Mustard Oil Benefits For Cardiovascular Health:  Mustard oil is rich in monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats as well as omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. These acids balance cholesterol levels, increasing good cholesterol (HDL) and lowering bad cholesterol (LDL), minimizing the risk of cardiovascular disease. In this way, it can be a good substitute for saturated oils like butter , cheese, etc.

Mustard Oil Reducing Cancer Risk:  Mustard oil contains a substance called Glucosinolate, which is known for its anti-cancer properties and prevents the formation of cancerous tumors. Phytonutrients provide protection against colorectal and gastrointestinal cancer.

Mustard Oil for Asthma:  Mustard oil is considered a natural remedy for asthma and sinusitis . In the event of an asthma attack, massage the chest with brown mustard oil to improve airflow to the lungs.

Mustard Oil for Cold and Cough Relief:  This oil is beneficial for those who are prone to cold and cough as it helps clear congestion from chest and nose. Apply a mixture of one teaspoon of mustard oil and camphor to the chest and allow the vapors to enter the lungs.

For the mustard oil steam treatment , add a few tablespoons of mustard oil and caraway seeds to a pot of boiling water and inhale this steam. The strong aroma of mustard oil will warm the respiratory system, thus providing protection against the formation and accumulation of phlegm.

Mustard Oil Possesses Anti-Inflammatory Properties:  The anti-inflammatory properties of mustard oil make it effective for relieving irritable bowel syndrome by reducing inflammation in the lining of the stomach. A mustard oil massagehelps relieve rheumatic and arthritic pain, as well as relieving sprained ankles and joint pain. Its anti-inflammatory properties can be attributed to the presence of a tracer mineral called Selenium , which is good for relieving joint and skin inflammation.

Mustard Oil is an Excellent Antibacterial:  Mustard oil has antibacterial properties as it is rich in glucosinolate which does not allow microbial presence. In this way, it prevents the unwanted growth of bacteria, fungi and other deadly microbes. When consumed, it fights bacterial infections in the urinary tract, colon , intestines and other parts of the digestive system, as well as coughs and colds. When applied topically, it fights bacterial skin infections.

Mustard Oil is an Excellent Antifungal:  Mustard oil also has antifungal properties due to the presence of a substance called allyl isothiocyanate, which inhibits the growth of fungi. In this way, this oil can treat rashes and other skin infections caused by fungi.

Mustard Oil Prevents Malaria:  Mustard oil is an effective mosquito repellent as it can deter insects with its sharp aroma. In this way, it helps in preventing malaria and other insect-borne diseases.

Other Mustard Oil Benefits: Mustard  oil is a general health tonic as it benefits all functioning systems in the body, providing strength and boosting immunity.

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