The 15 Health Benefits of Lucuma

The Health Benefits of Lucuma are diverse, because Lucuma has a large amount of essential nutrients for the general health of the body. In addition, Lucuma is a delicious fruit that comes from the Andean valleys of Peru and Ecuador. Usually widely used in gastronomy, and this is inevitable as one of the ingredients in many desserts, but its flavor is not the only thing that makes it a favorite among people. Its benefits also make everyone want to take advantage of it. Then check out  the 15 Health Benefits of Lucuma.Benefits  of Lucuma Prevents Heart Disease: Carotene, in turn, can considerably decrease the chances of heart attacks , in addition to increasing the efficiency of the immune system.

Benefits  of Lucuma for the skin: The latex of the lucuma plant  is used with great success against all types of skin conditions, especially against herpes and warts and skin irritations in general. You simply have to place it with the help of a hyssop or cotton on the affected part and let it act for a few minutes.

Benefits of Lucuma to Combat Diabetes: As if that were not enough, in the Peruvian jungle, lucuma is used as a home remedy against diabetes , because it regulates the concentration of glucose in the blood.

Benefits of Lucuma To Prevent Depression: It also contains B3 or niacin, made responsible for removing toxins from our body and recommended for its benefits in people with depression. Other important elements are calcium , phosphorus and iron.

Benefits of Lucuma for the Brain: Normally, niacin is found in meats, but surprisingly, the lucuma fruit contains high levels of this nutrient. You can find a total of 1.96 grams per 100 grams of this fruit in its composition.

Benefits of Lucuma as a Natural Sweetener: This fruit is used for numerous culinary uses, all destined for the bakery Its widespread use is due to its function as a potent natural sweetener to sweeten foods without the use of sugar, To give you an idea, lucuma two average spoons of sugar equals one E thanks to its low glycemic index can be used as a remedy to regulate blood sugar, and therefore, type 2 diabetes .

Benefits  of Lucuma Reduces Anemia: The lucuma fruit known to be an important source of minerals such as zinc or calcium (stipulates that a fruit of a lucuma glass is equivalent to cow’s milk). But, without a doubt, it is iron, which takes the cake with a total of 0.4 grams per 100. With high doses of composition, iron increases the transport of oxygen between cells. It also improves the quality of life of pregnant women and prevents the onset of anemia in the blood. It is common to see lucuma compounds in supplements for pregnant women who are in a poor state of health.

Other Benefits of Lucuma:

  • Rich in vitamin B3 or niacin.
  • It stimulates the proper functioning of the nervous system.
  • It helps to increase the level of hemoglobin in the blood.
  • Excellent natural energy that gives us strength to carry out our daily activities.
  • It has been used for generations to prevent and treat skin conditions and irritations.
  • It is a great source of beta-carotene, iron, vitamin C and B3.
  • It contains low glycemic carbohydrates, slow absorption to ensure constant energy supply throughout the day.
  • In addition to this, lucuma is a medicinal fruit against skin diseases and acts against depression .

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