6 Health Benefits of Corn Hair!

The benefits of corn hair are diverse, as it is used as a natural way to eliminate numerous diseases. This is because it has anti-inflammatory properties that help clean the urinary tract and fight colds .

In this way, you have yet another example of a natural remedy to complement your clinical treatment or alleviate the effects of various health problems. Also known as corn beard or corn stigmas , it is a medicinal plant widely used to treat kidney and urinary system problems, such as cystitis, nephritis, prostatitis and urethritis, due to its diuretic and anti-inflammatory properties.

Its scientific name is Zea mays L. and it can be purchased in health food stores and in some compounding pharmacies. Want to know how to make the most of this natural element?

Health benefits of corn hair:

1. Natural diuretic:

In fact, corn hair is a strong natural diuretic. If you decide to drink tea throughout your day, you may notice a considerable increase in urine production. As long as there are no excesses, tea does not have any contraindications and still helps to fight diseases with accumulation of water in the body.

2. Helps in weight loss:

The diuretic effect can trigger yet another one of the weight loss corn hair benefits  . However, you will only feel a difference on the scale if you exercise and maintain a proper diet, while consuming tea.

3. Relieves renal colic:

Another one of the benefits of corn hair is about reducing renal colic and cleaning the kidneys. Therefore, treat with this tea if you want to dissolve kidney stones. This means that you also substantially alleviate rheumatic diseases such as gout , which causes joint pain, and dropsy, which causes swelling in the legs.

4.Improve blood clotting:

It can also be efficient in the blood clotting process due to the presence of vitamin K , ensuring the correct functioning of your body.

5. Control blood pressure:

Currently, changes in blood pressure and hypertension are quite common diseases and affect thousands of people. Therefore, tea is a natural way to maintain control in these situations without dealing with the side effects of blood pressure medication.

6. Source of Vitamin C:

Another of the corn hair benefits has to do with the high concentration of vitamin C , which is perfect for boosting your immunity. Therefore, your immune system is much stronger and can ease muscle pain and fight colds.

Now that you know the benefits of corn hair , learn to make tea to prevent against various diseases:

How to make corn hair tea?


– 1 teaspoon of dried corn hair ;
– 1 cup of water .

Preparation method:

  1. The recipe is quite simple. You must put the corn hair in the water and let it act for a few minutes. That done, strain.
  2. If you want to make the tea in a large amount, you should use approximately 1 spoon for every liter of water .
  3. And take it throughout your day.

Contraindication of corn hair:

Furthermore, corn hair is contraindicated in pregnancy, during breastfeeding and in patients with difficulty urinating due to inflammation of the prostate .

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