6 benefits of cabbage for health and beauty!

The benefits of cabbage for health and beauty work, as it is one of the oldest known vegetables. Very easy to grow, it is an excellent source of various nutrients. There are at least a hundred different types of cabbage around the world, but the most common types are green, purple and white.

There are many foods that you can get in the kitchen for your different preparations, however, like a miracle of nature, it can be of great help in solving and alleviating many health problems naturally.

Such is the case with the benefits of cabbage , because they are a great source of vitamins, specifically the C , K and B vitamins, on the other hand, they are important allies to reduce cholesterol and triglyceride levels , fight peptides, prevent cancer , have a good anti-inflammatory action, among other positive actions for the proper functioning of the body.

Thanks to its mineral attributes, cabbage benefits are widely used to fight anemia and weakness in people; In these cases, the cooking of cabbage leaves should be avoided, because its great richness in chlorophyll is destroyed, which inside the human organism is transformed into hemoglobin, the most advisable thing is to take the cabbage raw or in juice.

Next, we are going to tell you a number of things or discomforts that you can alleviate with the use of cabbage leaves , remember that they are very natural and simple treatments, you can do them in the comfort of your own home.

Cabbage benefits for health and beauty:

1. Pain Treatment:


  • First remove the leaves that you see a little dead, keep the inside of the cabbage .
  • With the help of an iron cloth , apply heat to the cabbage leaves (very carefully).
  • Place the hot cabbage leaves in the place where you feel pain, let the leaf act until it cools down.
  • Repeat the procedure until there is no pain and the inflammation has reduced .

2. Hair loss:


  • Just rub the juice of cabbage leaves on the scalp daily.
  • Leave for 20 minutes and remove with your usual bath.

3. Fight Alcoholism:


  • First you must extract the juice from the cabbage leaves and mix it with half a bottle of apple cider vinegar, store the liquid in a glass bottle and take it to be refrigerated.
  • Drink a glass of the mixture before the 3 main meals.

4. Aphonia treatment:


  • Prepare a simple salad of cabbage leaves with lemon , oil and a little salt (preferably sea salt), eat it three times a day and in a short time you will notice that your voice returns.

5. Combat Chest Pain:


  • First wash the cabbage leaves and place them on your breasts, letting them sit for a long time, when you notice the leaves are a little wilted, you can replace them with new ones.
  • Also, keep in mind that the use of this treatment should be moderate as it can eliminate the abundant amount of breast milk.

6. Thyroid Gland Treatment:


  • Just put the cabbage leaves on the gland, cover all the leaves with a bandage or scarf.
  • Also, leave it on overnight and remove it the next day.

Other Health Benefits of Cabbage:

  • It is a diuretic and helps in the treatment and prevention of  diabetes , obesity, uric acid and cardiovascular disease.
  • In addition, it relieves symptoms of arthritis and rheumatism .
  • It fights diarrhea and helps restore all the intestinal flora, preventing  infections .
  • In addition, it fights colitis and gastritis , thanks to the presence of glutamine.
  • Treats colds and flu .
  • In addition, caffeic and chlorogenic acids, present in cabbages, help to treat hyperthyroid problems.

Do not hesitate to try the benefits of cabbage leaves , if you liked the recipes share them with all your friends and acquaintances.

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