The 23 Health Benefits of Barley

The health benefits of barley are varied, as barley has a large amount of nutrients that are essential for the overall health of the body. Also, did you know that Barley holds the title of “king of cereals”? As a small cereal, you might find barley water a cure for all digestive problems . But its use is not limited to digestion.In fact, Barley can be used for all your beauty and health issues, including acne, hair loss, obesity, cancer, and anemia .

The 23 Health Benefits of Barley:

Benefits of Barley to Maintain Skin Elasticity : Barley contains selenium, which preserves skin elasticity and protects it from free radical damage. Selenium improves the functioning of your heart, pancreas and immune system. Deficiency of this mineral can cause cancer of the skin, colon, prostate, liver, stomach and breast.

Benefits of Barley to Improve  Skin Tone : By increasing skin elasticity, Barley facilitates skin tightening, making your skin more supple and well-toned as well as giving you a more youthful appearance.

Barley Anti-Aging Benefits : The antioxidants in Barley help to slow down the signs of aging. Barley waterflushes out toxins from the body, giving you a clean, wrinkle-free skin texture.

Benefits of Barley To Heal Injuries :  Barley is a rich source of zinc , which accelerates the healing properties of the body. Green  barley , when taken orally or applied as a paste, can heal facial injuries within 5 to 6 months.

Benefits of Barley to Restore Hair Color : Consumption of green barley grass helps restore your hair color . In addition, barley contains the mineral copper which is involved in the formation of melanin, a pigment that gives your hair its color.

Benefits of Barley for Hair Growth :  Barley is rich in micronutrients,  thiamine and niacin, which help in hair growth. It also contains Procyanidin B-3, which is an isolate from Barley and identified as a hair growth stimulant.

Benefits of Barley to Fight Hair Loss : Anemia is  oneof the most common causes of hair loss. Barley contains the minerals iron and copper, which improve the production of red blood cells, warding off anemia and consequently stimulating hair growth.

Benefits of Barley for Lowering  Cholesterol : Barley is rich in soluble and insoluble fiber. Soluble fiber dissolves and binds with fatty acids, lowering cholesterol levels , as well as low-density lipoprotein (LDL), also known as bad cholesterol.

Insoluble fiber, on the other hand, produces propionic acid, which helps keep blood cholesterol levels low. Low cholesterol levels significantly reduce the risk of stroke and heart attacks.

Benefits of Barley for Weight Loss :  Consuming barley makes you feel fuller for a longer period and hence suppresses your appetite. In addition, the fiber in barley facilitates the removal of fat from the body. In this way, barley can help with weight loss.

Benefits of Barley to Prevent  Cancer: Barley contains phytonutrients  called lignans. Lignan, called enterolactone, helps prevent breast cancer as well as coronary heart disease. Dietary fiber provides good bacteria to the large intestine, which help it to function properly and protect against colon cancer.

Benefits of Barley to Control Diabetes:  Eating barley is beneficial for diabetic patients as it stabilizes blood glucose levels. This is because the beta-glucan fiber found in this grain has the ability to slow the body’s absorption of carbohydrates from food, leading to a reduction in glucose and insulin levels.

Benefits of Barley for Anemia:  Barley contains the mineral copper that helps in the formation of hemoglobin, which is necessary for the production of red blood cells. In this way, it helps to reduce anemia.

Benefits of Barley for Digestion:  Barley juiceis extremely beneficial for the digestive system. It aids in digestion by allowing the digestive juices to work overtime, thus reducing the bloated feeling in the stomach. It helps to lose calories by preventing the accumulation of fat and increasing the rate of metabolism.

Benefits of Barley for Preventing Gallstones:  Being rich in insoluble fiber,  Barley helps in reducing the secretion of bile acids, thus increasing insulin sensitivity and reducing triglyceride levels. In this way, Barley can help women to prevent gallstones effectively.

Immunity Boosting Barley Benefits:  Barley  contains twice the amount of vitamin C than oranges, which supports your immune system, reducing the chances of cold and flu. Iron increases blood volume, preventing anemia and fatigue. It facilitates the proper functioning of the kidneys and the development of body cells. Manganese allows you to feel good and energetic which in turn benefits your nervous system and immune system.

Benefits of Barley Against Osteoporosis:  Barley contains phosphorus and copper, which are good for bone health. Phosphorus is effective in curing bone and dental diseases. Barley grass juicehas eleven times more calcium than milk. Manganese is needed for bone production and also for treating iron deficiency. In this way, Barley can be a natural remedy for osteoporosis.

Benefits of Barley to Prevent Atherosclerosis:  Thickening of the artery walls due to the clotting of fatty materials such as cholesterol is known as atherosclerosis . The niacin or vitamin B complex contained in this grain reduces the overall levels of cholesterol and lipoprotein, thus decreasing cardiovascular risk factors. Barley is beneficial for postmenopausal women with high blood pressure, high cholesterol or cardiovascular disease.

Benefits of Barley to Protect Body Organs:  Barley protects the important organs of the body like heart, pancreas and liver, keeping dangerous diseases like heart disease, colon and breast cancers and prostate problems. Phosphorus in this grain helps keep bones and teeth healthy and helps the kidneys and heart muscles function.

Detoxification Benefits of Barley:  According to studies, barley has antidote properties due to its ability to prevent the spread of poison in the body.

Barley Bowel Benefits:  It also helps in maintaining healthy bowel functions due to its rich fiber content. This helps in preventing constipation.

Benefits of Barley Diuretic Properties:  It is a powerful diuretic and keeps the urinary tract healthy, preventing urinary tract infection (UTI).

Benefits of Barley for Cooling the Body:  It is the perfect summer drink because it brings down the body heat. That’s why it is usually offered to people with high temperatures.

Barley Benefits for Pregnancy:  Barley waterhas specific benefits for pregnant women. It helps relieve common problems like nausea and morning sickness, regulates blood sugar levels, helps in preventing gestational diabetes . It also prevents edema (swollen ankles and feet), improving circulation and preventing high blood pressure.

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