The 6 Health Benefits of Amapá

The Benefits of Amapá for Health are diverse and many are unaware. In addition, Amapá is a tree of the Apocinaceae family, native to the Amazon region. It bears edible dark purple fruits and provides white wood, whose bark exudes white latex, known as Amapá milk , which has several medicinal applications and is widely used in folk medicine in the region. Amapá milk is still restricted to domestic use and is related to the cure of respiratory diseases, gastritis, anemia and muscle problems. It is extracted mainly with a machete and axe, through several cuts in the trunk. Check out the 6 Health Benefits of Amapá:Benefits of Amapá Combat Infectious Diseases: Amapá is highly used for the treatment of the consequences of malaria, against worms, infections in the uterus, gastritis, anemia, respiratory problems, tuberculosis and lately cancer. Take a spoonful ofAmapá milk on an empty stomach every morning for 8 days, stop for a week. If necessary, repeat the dose. For children, use 1/2 scoop. Amapá milk is never taken pure, but always mixed with water, milk , porridge or coffee.

Benefits of Amapá for the Nervous System: The bark and stem of  Amapá are widely used as a stimulant of the nervous system and have also demonstrated antisyphilitic, anti-inflammatory and antirheumatic activities.

Benefits of Amapá Milk: This milk fights pneumonia, bronchitis, gastritis, ulcers and is an excellent lung fortifier, it also acts against tuberculosis.

Benefits of Amapá to Fight Malnutrition: As the nutrients found in Amapá are used as stimulants and fortifiers, these same nutrients can stimulate appetite, helping to fight malnutrition, these active principles found in Amapá restore energy in cases of malnutrition in children . It is customary to take 1 tablespoon (soup) of Amapá – doce 2 times a day.

Benefits of Amapá As a Fortifying: Amapá is  considered a powerful medicine, recognized as “Amazon fortifier”, used for many, many years by the rural and urban population for the treatment of lung problems, gastritis , weakness and scarring. It is also used as a tonic by people who feel weak, especially women after childbirth.

Benefits of Amapá to Produce Muscle Mass: Proteins are essential nutrients for the maintenance and increase of muscle mass , because for the muscle to grow it is necessary to have, in addition to the practice of regular physical activity, an adequate consumption of good quality proteins, such as found in foods of animal origin such as meat, chicken and eggs.

Nutritional composition studies have shown the presence of a greater amount of minerals and proteins in Amapá milk than in soy and cow’s milk, which is why it can be used as a substitute for cow ‘s milk, as is already the case in the Amazon.

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