Hair detox – what it is, how to use it and recipes!

Hair detox is important, as concerns about the hair and the health of the strands occur in both women and men for beautiful hair. However, new technologies in terms of hair treatment have emerged with increasing force and the news is always encouraging, as is the case of Hair Detox .

Hair Detox, what is it?

Following the meaning of the word, the “ Hair Detox” is a detoxification of the scalp and wires. Over time, residues, dirt, salt, chlorine, grease and residues of cosmetic products accumulate, which remain even after washing.

Many products are used with the most diverse functions: leaving hair smoother, without frizz or with controlled curls. They are treatment agents, leave-in, sunscreens, sprays, fixing mousses and other finishers used daily. However, most of these cosmetics are stuck to the hair and scalp . Result: the health of the hair ends up being harmed.

To restore it, it is necessary to do, at the very least, a deep and effective cleaning, to remove any residues from previously used products.

Benefits of Hair Detox:

  • Reduces oiliness and dandruff;
  • Strengthens the hair;
  • Stimulates healthier growth;
  • Softens the effects of chemicals;
  • Activates capillary circulation;
  • Removes dead cells and restores the health of hair and scalp .

How is Hair Detox Made?

Hair Detox is usually done at the  salon, and can include deep cleansing, exfoliating the scalp (to remove dead cells), applying clay to very oily hair , applying lotions based on essential oils and plants. The salon can also choose to perform a hair peeling.

After this cleaning process, a treatment with masks rich in proteins, vitamins, amino acids and mineral salts should be carried out. In addition to removing impurities, deep cleansing removes nutrients as well, so it’s important to replace lost nourishing agents.

Does Hair Detox Work?

As already stated, Hair Detox  works as a detoxification of the scalp and wires in general. Therefore, the Hair Detox  becomes essential to recover the strength of the wires and improve the health of the hair.

This restoration must occur since this excess residue will result in difficulties for the bulb to breathe, bringing difficulties to hair growth. With Hair Detox , this cleaning becomes possible, bringing more health to the scalp to make the wires grow stronger and more resistant, also activating blood circulation and preventing hair loss.

Can I Do Hair Detox at Home?

This Hair Detox can be done every 15 days (for those who abuse finishers) and once a month for those with normal or colored hair . The process consists of applying a detoxifying lotion, massaging, without using your nails, followed by a deep cleaning and good hydration. Discover some hair detox tips to  do at home:

1. Hair Detox with Ginger:


Preparation mode:

  • Beat the ginger and lemon juice (in a blender) and strain;
  • In the liquid obtained, add the drops of essential oils and propolis , mixing well;
  • Also, place in a dropper container and drip all over the scalp ;
  • Then massage well;
  • Also, let it act for 15 minutes and then wash your hair normally.

2. Hair Detox with Hair Wash:

  • Wash with deep cleansing shampoo twice;
  • Also, in the second wash, let the foam act for 5 minutes;
  • Then rinse well;
  • Furthermore, as an alternative, you can also use an anti-dandruff shampoo, which fulfills the same functions;
  • Apply an emollient and light mask, avoiding the roots;
  • Also, if you don’t have a lighter mask (you just have to feel the thickness to find out), dilute a nourishing mask in water, so that it becomes more fluid;
  • As the cuticles have been opened up with the cleansing shampoo, masks that are too dense tend to leave hair feeling sticky and heavy. Leave for the time determined by the manufacturer and rinse well;
  • Also, remove excess water from the hair and apply a liquid leave-in (preferably), it will leave the hair feeling soft and light.

3. Hair Detox with Clay:

Clay is also a way to help detoxify the scalp and can be used in place of Detox Hair Lotion .

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