10 Common Habits That Cause Vaginal Discharge!

The common habits that cause vaginal discharge because some habits of our routine can be the main causes of vaginal discharge, you know? Inadequate hygiene, tight jeans and wearing wet bikini for hours, for example, are some of the most common mistakes we make without knowing how bad it is for the intimate region. But the list doesn’t stop there… Let’s tell you which are the most harmful Habits for you to keep an eye on and try to avoid. Check out!

Common habits that cause vaginal discharge:

1. Antibiotics:

Medicines prescribed for sinusitis or urinary infections , generally, when used for a long time, decrease the number of lactobacilli in the vagina and, therefore, increase the predisposition to discharge”, he explains. According to the doctor, lactobacilli belong to the main group of bacteria responsible for controlling the health of the region.

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2. Sexual intercourse:

Semen, when it comes into contact with the vagina, changes its pH, leaving the environment more alkaline. If the woman already has the flora in imbalance, this change can stimulate the discharge”, warns Flávia.

In cases where semen allergy is recurrent, the couple undergoes a medical investigation and, if necessary, undergoes specific treatments, in addition to using condoms for a period to prevent semen from coming in contact with the vaginal secretion.

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3. Stress:

When a person is subjected to a lot of stress, their entire hormone production is altered. The release of large amounts of cortisol interferes with the conversion of glycogen into lactic acid and, consequently, makes the environment more acidic, which can also generate discharge ”, explains the gynecologist.

4. Incorrect vaginal hygiene:

Hygienizing the vagina the right way is essential to maintain the health of the intimate region. But do you know what you have to do? According to gynecologist Bárbara Murayama, we should wash only the external part, known as the vulva, and pay attention to all the folds that exist in this part of the body. “Too much or too little cleaning of the internal area can cause problems. It is necessary to find balance, remembering that our intimate region has natural defense mechanisms”

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5. Wearing a wet bikini or bathing suit for a long time:

you go to the beach in the morning, come home and feel too lazy to change your clothes. It happens, right? Is very! But this habit can be one of the responsible for that annoying discharge that insists on appearing.

In addition, the contact of the vagina with wet tissue is the perfect environment for the proliferation of fungi, so it is good to avoid it! Want a tip? When you go to the beach or club, carry an extra pair of underwear in your bag. Then you can run quickly to the bathroom and change to leave.

6. Leave the panties to dry in the box:

According to gynecologist Cássio Sartório, it’s okay to wash your panties in the shower. The big mistake is to let the piece dry inside. “The bathroom is usually warmer and more humid, which facilitates bacterial growth. The ideal is to extend it in a dry and airy place, ”he suggested. When washing, doctors recommend neutral and fragrance-free soaps, as other types can cause allergies.

7. Sharing underwear:

In childhood and adolescence it is very common for girls to share underwear. Who has never been to a friend’s house, ended up staying to sleep and had to borrow a pair of panties? So it is! But it’s good to avoid. And the same goes for the towel. As the piece is in direct contact with the secretion, there is a greater chance of catching a disease when using something borrowed.

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8. Having sex without a condom:

In addition to preventing pregnancy, condoms also help protect you from sexually transmitted diseases, such as trichomoniasis, which causes a yellowish, foul-smelling discharge. You must always use a condom.

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9. Wearing jeans every day:

You can’t deny that jeans are a joker in the wardrobe, right? It goes with everything, the color is neutral and goes well for almost every occasion. The only problem is that using it daily can smother the intimate region, unbalance the vaginal flora and, consequently, cause discharge.

10. Treatment for discharge:

However, he warns that although the causes can be simple and common, it is always necessary to seek medical help and perform routine gynecological exams.

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