Gynecomastia – Causes, Symptoms and Treatments!

Gynecomastia – Causes, Symptoms and Treatments  that everyone should be aware of. Also,  gynecomastia or large male breasts is an uncomfortable condition that involves enlargement of the breast tissue in the male breast.

This situation can be very embarrassing and generates emotional conflicts in whoever owns it. Gynecomastia mainly occurs when there are irregularities in the body producing hormones (estrogen/androgen).

Main Symptoms:  Symptoms are breast tenderness, itching, nipple and areola enlargement. apparent enlargement of the glandular breast tissue. The disease can occur in both male breasts (bilateral gynecomastia) or in one breast (unilateral gynecomastia).

Unlike pseudogynecomastia in which breast enlargement is caused by an increase in fatty tissue in true gynecomastia , it is not a hormonal imbalance resulting in increased male glandular breast tissue. When it comes to a physiological gynecomastia (pubertal, senile or neonatal) usually no surgery is performed just waiting to be screened to evolve favorably.

However, if pathological gynecomastia or gynecomastia generates psychic disturbances in the patient, surgery can proceed.

Main Causes:  There are several factors that can interfere with the appearance of gynecomastia . However, the main causes of gynecomastia are dysregulations in androgen/estrogen hormone levels.

The reasons that can lead to this can be many, among which are:

Puberty, age, hypogonadism, testosterone deficiency , hyperthyroidism, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, chronic liver disease, exposure to pollutants, kidney failure, drug use, excessive alcohol consumption, poor nutrition, side effects of some medicines, etc. Obesity and overweight are two factors that can negatively influence .

Treatments:  While  gynecomastia  is not a health issue for many men, it can be a difficult process to deal with because of having large breasts, which leads them to deal with drugs and surgery.

However, there are many simple and practical home remedies that can help treat gynecomastia naturally. These home remedies are not immediate, but could eventually eliminate men’s breasts.

Some home remedies for gynecomastia include: Turmeric , Fish Oil , Flaxseed , Dandelion, Epsom Salt , Zinc , etc.

As the drugs available to treat this condition we can find raloxifene, tamoxifen, Danazol, anastrozole, clomiphene, testolactone, exemestane, testolactone, among others. These drugs have the function of regulating estrogen receptors in order to balance estrogen levels in the male breast.

As for surgery for gynecomastia is also available, however, in recent years there are surgeries that do not scar the breast. In principle liposuction is performed to remove fatty tissue from the male breast.

Subsequently, endoscopic surgery is performed to remove the breast tissue itself (non-fatty tissue). The procedure is as follows: a tube with an endoscope and the tip of the lens and light is introduced to make an observation of how the glandular mass is arranged. Subsequently, we proceed to extract a part of the mass from the breast that deforms the man’s torso figure.

In addition to any choice when making a treatment for gynecomastia , it is important that paralleling the trauma of having male breasts is exceeded. The best result is not determined by the technique itself, but by how we feel with the body we have .

Gynecomastia can be treated and eliminated. A treatment that addresses the problem of male breasts naturally is the PDF book Gynecomastia Goodbye! Diego Garcia. This PDF book shares previously unknown information to reduce and even disappear male breasts.

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