Green banana is good for depression, anxiety and diabetes: see the 21 benefits of the fruit

The big difference between ripe bananas and green bananas is the high content of resistant starch: about 50% to 90% more of this substance.

which is not digested by the body and does not turn into sugar, presenting a behavior similar to that of dietary fiber.

Digestible starch is quickly turned into glucose to fuel the body’s cells, producing energy.

The resistant one, present in green bananas , passes through the stomach and small intestine without changes, being fermented only in the large intestine.

In addition, Banana Verde is rich in stomach mucosa protectors, resistant starch  , a substance similar to dietary fiber, and other nutrients.

Resistant starch  has the main characteristic of not altering our body ‘s glycemic indices , that is, not interfering with the action of insulin.

Nutritional Value of Green Banana:

Green Banana is rich in potassium, magnesium , iron , zinc , vitamin A , vitamin C and B-complex vitamins, banana is a superfood that cannot be left out of the diet. Banana Verde is easily digested by the beneficial bacteria of our intestinal flora, helping in cases of constipation, anti-inflammatory and also capable of increasing the feeling of food satiety.

Health Benefits of Banana:

For the Intestine: Fermented in the large intestine, the green banana acts as a probiotic, providing substrate for the growth of bacterial flora that ensures the health of the intestine. Furthermore, the benefit of resistant starch is similar to that of insoluble dietary fiber. As a result, it keeps the organ working properly, facilitating digestion and nutrient absorption, as well as reducing the risk of diarrhea , constipation and intestinal diseases such as cancer.

Controls Anxiety: Those who tend to attack the fridge due to anxiety can make the green banana a faithful partner. That’s because the fruit has high amounts of tryptophan, nutrients that act in the production of serotonin, a hormone that provides well-being.

Nutrient Absorption: Consumption of Green Banana increases the body’s ability to absorb minerals , especially calcium. Resistant starch fermentation produces short-chain fatty acids that vitalize the body and make it better able to absorb minerals .

Prevent Colon Cancer: The resistant starch found in Green Banana is fermented in the colon by the friendly bacteria to convert it into energy . This process wards off harmful germs and infection-causing bacteria in the colon and increases healthy bacteria.

Brain Health: Intake of Green Banana can give a boost to thecognitive health of the body. It contains compounds and minerals that give a boost to nerve health and maintain water balance in brain cells.

Strengthens Immunity: The intestinal flora is also responsible for preventing diseases, especially fighting bacteria that enter our body through food. By preserving the intestinal mucosa, the resistant starch present in the fruit pulp increases the body’s barrier against harmful and disease-causing substances.

Reduces Cholesterol: The resistant starch found in the fruit reduces the production of bad cholesterol (LDL) by the liver and increases its elimination by bile acids; in addition, it also lowers the level of triglycerides. Such substances are responsible for the accumulation of fatty plaques in the arteries, causing cardiovascular problems such as hypertension and heart attack.

Increases Hemoglobin Level: Green Banana contains Vitamin B-6 which maintains good hemoglobin in the body. It increases the production of red blood cells that carry oxygen to all parts of the body and good hemoglobin is necessary for vital body functions.

Satiety: Because it contains a low content of fast-absorbing sugars and a high content of resistant starch, green banana pulpacts in the body as dietary fiber. Among the benefits, it reduced the speed of digestion and absorption of substances, staving off hunger out of time and ensuring satiety for longer.

Eliminates localized fat: The presence of resistant starch in the fruit makes digestion slower and, consequently, helps to reduce the speed of glucose release into the bloodstream, favoring the reduction of blood glucose. This response reduces the peak of insulin, the hormone responsible for storing all extra calories in the form of localized fat.

contain “Zero” gluten: People with celiac disease can find in green banana flour a substitute for wheat flour, which can be used both for the preparation of sweets and snacks. The mixture does not harm the taste, as it does not change the flavor and, if the fruit biomass is used, it still provides more creaminess to the recipes.

Banana Verde Controls diabetes: Due to slow digestion and low glycemic index, the food helps to fight diabetes and also acts in the prevention of type 2 of the disease. In studies, it was observed that the consumption of green banana causes less insulin secretion in the body.

Helps in Weight Loss: Green banana and its flour are rich in resistant starch, and it is precisely this compound that helps control hunger. This is because they slow down the digestion process, as their crystalline structure makes their digestibility more difficult. In this way, it stays in the stomach longer, improving satiety and reducing food consumption in subsequent meals. Which helps to reduce that hunger that appears out of time, helping to lose weight.

Rich in Fiber: The high fiber content in Banana Verde is vital for digestion, heart health and weight reduction. Green Bananas also keep the stomach full and protect the colon from deadly diseases, while controlling blood glucose levels.

As a Natural Energetic:  For those who practice physical activity regularly, Banana Verde can be a great option to be added to Shake pre or post-workout, since in addition to proteins it also contains carbohydrates, which will provide energy for exercises and for muscle recovery.

Relieves PMS Symptoms: We can find a good amount of magnesium and vitamin B6 in green bananas. Vitamin B6 helps stimulate the production of serotonin (which in turn causes well being), magnesium improves symptoms of colic and headache . The mineral also helps to control the compulsion for sweets, a situation so common in the menstrual period.

Blood Pressure: Potassiumpresent in Banana Verde can lower blood pressure and keep the level under control. You can also consume Green Banana to control high blood pressure.

Heart Health: Eating Green Bananas keeps your heart healthy and strong. Green Bananas contain fiber, potassium and resistant starch that keep cholesterol in check and prevent blockages and clots in the arteries.

Other Health Benefits of Green Banana

  • Banana Verde Prevents colds: This positive effect on the intestine also improves intestinal transit, which is accentuated by the presence of fibers.
  • Banana Verde Prevent colon cancer, because it increases the volume and texture of stools, accelerating intestinal transit and facilitating the expulsion of stools.
  • Banana Verde Fight cardiovascular diseases, as it improves blood circulation.

How to consume Green Banana:

The Green Banana contains tannin (a substance that gives the fruit that “bitter” taste), the green banana should be consumed cooked or in the form of flour. While the boiled banana also known as green banana biomass . Biomass can be used in recipes in place of condensed milk, cream, milk, mayonnaise, among others. It has no taste, so it won’t change the taste at all. Most people who don’t know think that when we add the mixture to the preparations, everything will taste like banana, which it doesn’t.

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