Ginger Syrup for Sore Throat

Ginger  Syrup for Sore Throat  is a good home remedy option. Also, with so much choice for home remedies available out there, it’s hard to know which one is the most effective, and which one is the safest to use without fear of side effects. Every natural remedy will work for different people, and you need to find the ones that work best for you. With the  classic syrup,  it couldn’t be different.

Syrup  is an Arabic word, “sharab” which means drink or potion. There must be a lot of sugar in the  syrup  , of any type, in order to obtain the viscosity that characterizes it and also its conservation (when the sugar is more than 85%). This the ancients knew well, that sugar in high concentrations preserves. But, you can also make  syrup  with less sugar, according to Anvisa, with a minimum of 45%.

In fact, when we make  syrup , we first prepare a tea, or tisane, from the herbs that we are going to use, extracting their essential oils, the active principles that will cure them, and it is this herbal tea to which sugar is added. , so that it is tasty, viscous and preserved. But, you can also make the syrup with honey, letting the ingredients you choose soak in the honey for a long time.

In addition,  syrup  is a strong ally for those who wish to ward off any symptoms or discomfort,  syrups  are a good option in the fight against some diseases. Each preparation has a different action, and can reduce the symptoms of colds and stomach problems, for example. But remember: its consumption is not suitable for lactating pregnant women, children under 3 years old and diabetics. Now, let’s get to know more about the health benefits of  ginger  .

Benefits of Ginger:  Ginger  is  a root that can be used in teas or zest that can be added to water, juices,  yogurts  or salads. Also, the health benefits of  ginger   are mainly for:

  • Ginger  helps  with weight loss,
  • Ginger  accelerating  metabolism,
  • Ginger relaxes the   gastrointestinal system,
  • Ginger prevent nausea and   vomiting.

However,  ginger  also acts as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, helping to prevent diseases like colon-rectal cancer and stomach ulcers. Now that we know the benefits of  Ginger , check out the Ginger Syrup Recipe to Eliminate Sore Throat .



  • Place the garlic cloves , sliced ​​lemon and ginger in a bowl and mash.
  • Pour in the honey, cover and let it rest.
  • After 12 hours, squeeze well and strain.
  • Take 2 tablespoons (soup) a day

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