Ginger for Blood Pressure

Recently, studies have been conducted on the benefits of ginger in lowering blood pressure levels . High blood pressure can lead to heart disease, stroke, and even kidney failure. Here’s what you need to know about ginger and blood pressure .

Blocking Calcium Channels: When ginger is consumed, it has been found that the compounds can block calcium channels, which in turn can lower blood pressure. a study conducted found that blocking calcium channels reduced blood pressure.

Blood Thinning Ginger: Some studies have looked at the blood thinning effects ofginger and when blood thins it can help lower blood pressure. These studies have focused on animals and additional research needs to be completed for humans.

Ginger For Blood Pressure: The tension-blocking effects were compared to the effects that are obtained by taking blood pressure medication. If you’ve used high blood pressure medications, you should work closely with your doctor if you plan on adding ginger supplements  to your diet.
Due to the potential blood thinning effects, it is also a good idea not to use ginger supplements  if you are going to have surgery. Most doctors suggest that you stop taking the supplement 14 days before your scheduled surgery. Read this article and learn how to prepare ginger tea !

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