I got rid of my stretch marks using this after pregnancy!

Getting rid of stretch marks after pregnancy is the wish of all women who suffer from this embarrassing situation. Stretch marks are one of the things that most disturb women due to the visibility of these marks on the body, especially on the legs and buttocks . But, did you know that it is possible to get rid of stretch marks with cooking oil  ?

get rid of stretch marks after pregnancy

Yes, this is real! You can minimize the marks of stretch marks using only the cooking oil that anyone has in their home. You can feel the difference in just one week. Want to know what this recipe looks like to make the experiment? Just follow our article until the end.

1. Cooking oil:



  • It may seem strange, but you can get rid of stretch marks with just cooking oil  and absolutely nothing. The tip is to make a firm massage, but without hurting the skin, in the regions affected by this problem, at least once a day.
  • The recipe was made from an experience of seven consecutive days. It was possible to notice a considerable improvement in the places that had those dark lines so feared by women.

But nothing prevents you from increasing this frequency to two or three massages a day. You just need to remember not to overdo it with force, right?


However, you can take advantage of another little household secret to get rid of stretch marks with cooking oil once and for all. Do you have a loofah at home? This is a very easy to find item and extremely cheap. The idea to increase the results is to rub the affected areas during the bath. That is, before the oil !

2. Beetroot with peach:


  • Peel of a beet
  • Peel of a peach
  • One tablespoon of  almond oil


How to use:

  • Thoroughly wash the affected area
  • apply the paste
  • Let it act for 20 minutes
  • Remove with cold water

Tip: very hot water worsens the appearance of stretch marks because it makes the skin very sensitive, so take a warm or cold shower.

Before starting any treatment of  How to End Stretch Marks After Pregnancy Naturally  , it is advisable that you seek a specialized medical professional so that he can indicate the best type of treatment for your condition.

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