Cucumber to eliminate fluid retention fast!

Cucumber to eliminate water retention fast works as it is a natural drink and you don’t have to worry about side effects of the recipe. In addition, an infusion of ponytail with a little cucumber and pineapple will help you lose fluids, while nourishing you, improving your health.

Eliminate fluids using diuretic products such as cucumbers, ponytails, and pineapples. See what the benefits of these foods are and how you can eat them to get rid of excess fluids, lose weight and stylize your figure.

Cucumber to eliminate fluid retention fast !

People who retain fluids want to lose them using medications and diuretic supplements, but if they revert to old habits like drinking too much salt or not playing sports, they get them back again.

Losing fluid is also beneficial for some conditions, such as gout or arthritis, because excess fluid accumulated in this area is lost.

Some foods can help you lose retained fluids, just add them to your daily diet. And don’t forget to drink plenty of water between meals to promote kidney function, drink at least 8 glasses a day.

1. Cucumber:

It has been used medicinally for thousands of years because it is refreshing and soothing. Therefore, it is applied to the eyes to empty the eyelids and dark circles, as it eliminates liquids.

In addition, its composition is essentially water, that is, it is an ideal food for weight loss diets. You can eat it in juices, salads, soups… Always healthy and without eating too many calories!

2. Ponytail:

We are dealing with a medicinal plant that is widely used and very rich in trace elements found in river beds and other wetlands.

It helps to eliminate liquids because it helps in the production of urine without causing adverse effects; In addition, it is good for improving the appearance of nails, skin and hair, as well as preventing the appearance of bone decalcification problems and curbing blood loss.

It can be taken as a supplement or, as always, in infusions, but some people crush them and add them to the fruit.

3. Pineapple:

Despite being typical of tropical climates, today it is found in any supermarket. It is an acidic fruit formed by water and fiber, so it is used in weight loss regimes, as it improves the intestinal tract and satiates the stomach.

It contains many nutrients such as arginine, potassium, bromelain, asparagine and caffeic acid, which give it magnificent antioxidant and diuretic properties.

How to prepare a smoothie:

First, you must prepare a ponytail infusion, and after it has cooled, blend it with the pineapple and cucumber, obtaining a smoothie that you can drink daily. It is recommended to drink this shake before breakfast to increase its diuretic and purifying effects.

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One last recommendation: do not take ponytail daily, but alternately, so as not to lose the purifying effect to lose weight .

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