3 homemade solutions to get rid of flies and mosquitoes!

Incredible homemade solutions to get rid of flies and mosquitoes forever in a simple way from any environment, especially the kitchen, is every housewife’s dream. At certain times of the year, with increasing temperatures and humidity, the number of mosquitoes increases. Even a simple puddle of water gathers mosquitoes in the sink, on the floor and on the kitchen counters .

In summer, the beach house looks more like a breeding ground for mosquitoes : fish, barbecue, crumbs and food scraps on the floor are full plate for these undesirable insects.

Mosquitoes  are a real nuisance They bother and transmit various diseases, so we have to use measures to keep them away from our home.

In addition to using repellent, closing doors and windows after 5 pm (which is the time they usually enter our homes) and taking out the trash daily, there are some homemade recipes that keep these mosquitoes away . Learn how to make them, it’s very simple.

Home remedies to get rid of flies and mosquitoes:

1. Citronella ara:

Citronella has a characteristic smell that mosquitoes dislike . It is a natural product, it is not dangerous for humans and pets and can be used throughout the home.

There are scented candles and citronella incense that help control the presence of mosquitoes  at home. You can also buy citronella, dilute it in a bucket of water and use a mop and mop throughout the house.

Caution: citronella only takes effect while you can still smell it around the house.

2. Alcohol and cloves :

Another scent that mosquitoes dislike  is the smell of cloves , but for us humans the smell is very pleasant. So this homemade recipe is great because it leaves the house smelling and keeps away unwanted mosquitoes .


– 100 grams of cloves;
– 100 ml of liquid alcohol;

Preparation mode:

  1. Mix the two ingredients and leave in a covered jar for three days to get the scent.
  2. Then pour it into a spray bottle and, after cleaning the house, spray in all corners.
  3. You can also dilute the mixture in water and wipe it down with a rag.

3. Apple Cider Vinegar :


– apple cider vinegar;
– A few drops of detergent;
– Sugar;

Preparation mode:

  1. You will mix all the ingredients and distribute them on saucers in different areas of the house, near the windows.
  2. The vinegar and sugar attract flies and mosquitoes , when they reach the plate, they drink the mixture and the detergent present will kill them.

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