Baking soda to get rid of dark circles!

Baking soda is a basic item that cannot be missing from your home. You must have heard a lot about it, but do you know the numerous functions of this super versatile powder?

Baking soda is made from a white or transparent mineral called natron, a hydrated sodium carbonate mineral with the elements hydrogen, oxygen, sodium and carbon (NaHCO₃). In addition, sodium bicarbonate is an extremely cheap and easy-to-find substance, and it contains fabulous properties that allow us to use it in countless ways in our daily lives. Shall we get to know you a little more?

Natural deodorant: If you want to avoid the parabens and aluminum found in many industrial deodorants and antiperspirants, make your own deodorant: mix a pinch of sodium bicarbonate with water and with this paste you will get a natural, simple and very effective deodorant.

It Helps Eliminate Dandruff: Dissolve three tablespoons of baking soda in the amount of shampoo you are going to use to wash your hair. Then wash your hair in the normal way and rinse. You should always wash your hair like this until the dandruff disappears completely.

Benefits for Nails: Some nails have a worn appearance, deformation and lack of shine. In addition, polishing is ideal to maintain the beauty of nails, especially for those who paint. But beware: polishing too much can prevent the nail polish from setting and weaken the nails.

Baking soda enters this story to strengthen and make your nails more beautiful. However, let’s talk about the subject that is the reason for this article. This baking soda recipe will rid you of those nasty dark “bags” under your eyes. In addition, they are also known for dark circles and are usually the result of sleepless nights. Remembering that the preparation of this recipe is very simple and easy.

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  • Just add a teaspoon of baking soda to a cup of hot water or chamomile tea and mix well.
  • Then, dip a cotton ball in the mixture and place it over your closed eyes.
  • Leave for 10-15 minutes.
  • Then wash your face well and apply your moisturizer.
  • And finally, admire yourself in the mirror: the results are immediately visible!

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