Eliminate Cracked Heel Forever in 4 Days!

Eliminate Cracked Heel Forever in 4 days in a simple and totally natural way. In addition, Cracked and dry heels are quite common, this little problem that is often quite painful, affects a good part of the population. Generally in regions where the temperature is warmer and the air humidity is lower, especially in the autumn/winter period. It is necessary to redouble attention when moisturizing the feet and heels. Because, if you don’t have the proper care, this region of the heels can crack and form cracks, which are quite painful.Some of the causes of cracked heels are:

  • Ar seco
  • lack of moisture
  • Improper foot care
  • an unhealthy diet
  • Wearing the wrong kind of shoes.

There are several home remedies for our Cracked Heels that you can try to solve the problem. Here are the top 10 natural remedies.

Cracked Heel is a clear symbol of lack of foot care, dehydration and, on some occasions, some health issues. This problem is characterized by affecting mainly the outer layer of the skin, although sometimes it can penetrate deeply into the dermis and generate intense pain.

Cracked Heels are not harmful, except when the fissures or cracks are deep and the skin starts to bleed. This can lead to infection and is a preventable situation especially for those who already suffer from chronic illnesses such as diabetes. So, below check out some tips to eliminate Cracked Heel in 4 days .

1. Vegetable Oil: Vegetable Oil is an excellent option to get rid of Cracked Heel . A variety of vegetable oils can be used to treat and prevent Cracked Heels . Olive oil, sesame oil, coconut oil or any other hydrogenated vegetable oil can be used.

For best results, use this remedy before going to bed to allow enough time for the oil to fully penetrate your skin.

How to use:

– First rub your feet with a stone and then wash them normally.

– Apply the vegetable oil all over your sole of the foot.

– Then put on a pair of clean socks and let them rest overnight while you sleep. In the morning, your heels will be noticeably smoother.

– Repeat this for a few days until the heel cracks disappear completely.

2. Lemon: The acidic property in lemon can be very effective in reducing rough skin.

How to use:

– Apply lemon juice directly on rough skin.

– Another alternative is to soak your feet for 10 to 15 minutes in warm water with lemon juice. Avoid using very hot water, it can make your feet even more dry.

– Wash your feet with a stone and the usual soap, and dry them.

3. Honey: Honey has moisturizing and antibacterial properties, making it an excellent treatment for dry and cracked heels.

How to use:

– Mix a cup of honey  in half a bucket of warm water.

– Soak your feet in water for 15 to 20 minutes.

– Rub your feet gently.

4. Vaseline: You can use Vaseline on dry and rough skin to prevent it from getting Cracked Heels . This will leave your feet soft and well hydrated.

How to use:

– You should exfoliate the dead skin of your feet as you see fit and regularly, then apply some Vaseline that covers the entire heel area.

– After applying Vaseline you must cover your feet with socks so that the Vaseline can be all over your heel. This will prevent the sole from cracking and help your feet feel softer and better hydrated.

– For best results, try to follow this remedy daily before going to bed.

At the first sign of  Cracked Heels , try these natural treatments to restore the soft, smooth skin of your soles. Keep your body well hydrated by drinking plenty of water and following a diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids.

5. Heat salt water: If you have Cracked Heels , it’s important to take extra care to keep them well hydrated.

How to use:

– Soak your feet in warm salt water for at least 10 to 15 minutes.

– Then put your feet in cold water, this will help improve blood circulation and relieve pain.

– On dry feet apply some foot cream or Vaseline to prevent moisture. For best results, put on a pair of socks and let it sit.

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