6 homemade recipes to treat bunions in 5 days!

Bunions  or hallux valgus  are a deviation of the toe (first toe) to the rest of the toes over the prominence of the first metatarsal head (bone continues the phalanges of the toe) and improper angulation of the joint, reaching to cause the superposition of the first and second finger.

Bunions are salt (sodium urate) deposits. Its formation is triggered by the flu , tonsillitis , gout , poor metabolism, poor nutrition, acute inflammation of the joints and wearing uncomfortable shoes.

Bunions on the feet or hallux valgus is a “nightmare”: it is difficult to find suitable shoes, they are irritating and give an unpleasant appearance to the foot. These simple remedies will remove bunions naturally, without surgery. So, get rid of bunions naturally with these simple remedies:

Simple remedies for bunions:

Revenue 1:

At night, put 300 ml of water and a spoon of bay leaf ( laurel nobilis ) in a pan. Heat over medium heat for 5 minutes. Place the liquid in a thermos overnight. The next morning, filter and drink throughout the day. Don’t drink it all at once!

Repeat the procedure for 3 days in a row and make a new drink every night. Renew treatment 7 days later.

Don’t be surprised if you urinate frequently. This is a sign that the salt has started to dissolve and irritate the bladder.

You should see results within 10 days. This bunion treatment should last for about two months.

Revenue 2:

Take 5 large bay leaves , crush them finely and place in 100 ml of 96% alcohol.

Let it rest for a week and filter. Apply to the affected area, but before doing so, you can soak your feet in warm water (3 liters of water and a tablespoon of baking soda ).

Revenue 3:

The combination of iodine and aspirin works very well also in the treatment to remove bunions , joint pain and other growths.

Revenue 4:

Soap also works well to relieve pain and inflammation caused by salt deposits.

Apply some soap to the painful area and massage gently. Rinse, dry and apply some iodine  with a cotton swab in a grid pattern: lines spaced approximately 1 cm apart. Let it dry on your skin and then put on your socks. Repeat the treatment for 30 days.

Revenue 5:

You can also treat your bunions with lemon juice and iodine in equal parts. This recipe is also effective for the treatment of “calcaneal column”.

Revenue 6:

In a small bottle, pour 3 ml of St. John’s wort oil and 7 ml of sunflower oil . Add 6 drops of peppermint essential oil, 6 drops of eucalyptus essential oil and 8 drops of super lavender essential oil . You can also add some vitamin E. Then apply the mixture.

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Bunions are also related to posture. Stretching, especially movements that stretch the back muscles, improves posture and is therefore also beneficial for combat players on the feet.

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