5 tricks to get rid of a bloated belly!

The tricks to get rid of a bloated belly completely effectively, as bloating is often a cause of great fear for thousands of people. If your problem is a bloated belly, you’ve probably realized that just controlling your fat and sweets intake doesn’t completely solve the problem.

That’s because, it’s not just excess weight that makes the belly big, but also the excessive production of gases, fluid retention and bowel malfunction. Nowadays, the question how to get rid of a bloated belly is one of the most searched on the internet, and also one of the most poorly answered.

There are hundreds of websites, articles and courses full of delusional advice, unhealthy weight loss diets, manipulated photos and fake testimonials on the subject. If you are looking for serious and really working methods to burn your belly, you are in the right place.

Tricks to get rid of a bloated belly:

1. Warm water with lemon:

This is one of the best  tricks to get rid of a bloated belly Still on  an empty stomach  , squeeze a  lemon  into a glass of lukewarm water and drink it 15 to 30 minutes before  breakfast  . This helps to normalize gastric acid, relieves the symptoms of heartburn and prevents belching and the formation of intestinal gas, not to mention that  lemon  is rich in  vitamin C .

2. Don’t eat quickly:

When we are in a hurry or when we are eating and talking, it is normal to chew food poorly and push the food with some drink to finish fast. In addition to disrupting digestion, this causes us to swallow a lot of air, increasing the formation of gases in the  stomach .

3. Evite a lactose:

This is one of the excellent tricks to get rid of a bloated belly Lactose is a sugar present in dairy products and about 70% of the world’s population cannot digest it. This happens because there is no production of lactase, an enzyme produced in the intestines that allows lactose to be metabolized.

When undigested lactose passes from the small intestine  to the large intestine , the bacteria in the intestinal flora consume the sugar and produce gas. These gases expand the large intestine  and dilate the belly.

If you are lactose intolerant you can add a lactase supplement before your meal with dairy products. So digestion is done without problems. However, a bean supplement contains the enzyme alpha-galactosidase that helps digest various sugars that can cause bloating . Fructose intolerance can also cause  belly bloating .

4. Avoid fatty foods:

This is one of the best tricks to get rid of a bloated belly In addition to fattening, fatty foods or foods with excess sugar are heavy and give work at the time of digestion. And, as we’ve said here, the harder the food is to digest, the more gas the stomach produces because of fermentation. So, in addition to maintaining the weight, you avoid discomfort.

5. Cut the milk with coffee:

This is also one of the most important tricks to get rid of a bloated belly. At least for breakfast  , if you want to prevent belly bloating  , it is best to opt for a drink other than coffee milk . Although coffee itself  is harmful to the stomach , the big villain in this case is milk, which stimulates the production of gastric acid and increases the acidity of the stomach .

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By the way, don’t look at milk as a drink. Also, it should be seen as a food for digestion, and as a heavy food! At breakfast time, opt for yogurt or kefir. Both contain probiotics that help stomach bacteria with  digestive processes.

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