Gas in pregnancy – causes and how to eliminate quickly!

Gas in pregnancy is one of the most frequent occurrences for moms-to-be, which also means it’s a common concern. The pregnant woman will have gas approximately 18 times a day. The reason for this is that the average person produces up to 4 liters of gas a day. For some pregnant women, gas in pregnancy is the bloating sensation that is sometimes called indigestion. However, for most it is the passage of gas.

Gas in pregnancy is often like flatulence . Gas in pregnancy seems to escape the body, sometimes this occurs through flatulence , while other times it can be through belching.

What Causes Gas in Pregnancy

This accumulation of gases in pregnancy is formed, firstly, by the influence of the hormone progesterone, which reduces bowel movements, and, secondly, due to the increase in the size of the uterus , which displaces and compresses the intestinal loops to the sides. it’s up.

Gas in pregnancy gets trapped in the digestive tract in two ways: when you swallow air and when bacteria in your large intestine (colon) break down undigested food. Most result from swallowing air and are typically released by belching, although a small amount continues into the large intestine and is released when you vomit. Most of the gas that causes flatulence  is produced when bacteria in the large intestine break down food that has not been digested by enzymes in the stomach and small intestine.

Certain carbohydrates are the main culprits of gas in pregnancy . Protein and fat produce little although fats can contribute to a feeling of bloating and gas because they slow down digestion. Some people get a lot of gas from food that doesn’t bother others.

For example, people with lactose intolerance get bloated and gassy after having dairy products like milk or ice cream. That’s because they don’t produce enough lactase, the enzyme that breaks down the sugar ( lactose ) in dairy products. The balance of bacteria in the colon, which varies from person to person, can also affect how much  pregnancy gas  you produce.

How to Avoid Gas in Pregnancy:

It is practically impossible to avoid Gases in Pregnancy. However, there are steps you can take to manage the gas you face. Your main goal is to make it happen less often. Certain foods can be triggers to generate. If it’s really bothering you, you might want to start a journal by tracking the food you eat on a daily basis.

What to Do to Relieve  Gas in Pregnancy :

In addition to making adjustments to your diet, try the following suggestions for healthy eating :

  • Instead of eating very large meals, eat several small meals throughout the day to prevent gas in pregnancy .
  • Eat slowly and chew your food well. Don’t talk while you eat, so you don’t swallow too much air.
  • Limit the amount of fluid you drink during meals. You can make up the rest of the day.
  • Drink from a cup or glass (not from the bottle or a straw or straw) and drink slowly, don’t drink the drinks in one gulp.
  • Avoid carbonated drinks.
  • Avoid anything sweetened with sorbitol, an artificial sweetener.
  • Don’t chew gum or eat hard candies to avoid creating.
  • Stand up straight while eating or drinking, even if you only have a small snack.
  • Exercise, even a brisk walk can help speed up digestion.
  • Avoid constipation , as it can contribute to flatulence  and a feeling of bloating .
  • Not smoking, tobacco, in addition to contributing to a large number of serious health problems, stimulates heartburn. The ideal is to quit the habit before getting pregnant. If you still smoke, ask your doctor to recommend a smoking cessation program.
  • Practice yoga or a similar discipline, which teaches proper breathing and relaxation techniques. Some people tend to swallow more air when they get anxious or nervous and this generates.

Is Gas in Pregnancy a Symptom That Something Is Wrong?

Yes. Call your doctor if at any time the discomfort of Gas in Pregnancy is more like abdominal pain or cramping, or if they are accompanied by the following symptoms:

Can You Take Any Medicines for Gas in Pregnancy?

Dimethicone is good for and harmless to pregnant women, and is often prescribed by obstetricians to relieve occasional pain, but talk to your doctor before taking any medication.

Symptoms of Gas in Pregnancy Include:

Some symptoms are specific as well:

When in addition to these symptoms, if the pregnant woman has abdominal pain only on one side, nausea , vomiting or diarrhea , she should consult the obstetrician accompanying the pregnancy.

How to Treat Gas in Pregnancy:

Gas in pregnancy can be treated with gas medicine prescribed by the obstetrician such as Luftal or Dimethicone, which help to eliminate gas in pregnancy more easily, reducing discomfort and pain.

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Another option to treat is the application of a microclyster, such as Microlax, which can be purchased at a pharmacy. The pregnant woman must follow the instructions for use on the package insert or on the packaging itself.

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