12 best tips to have perfect French nails!

Here are some best tips to have perfect french nails because if you want to know how they are done and discover all their variations, then you have come to the most complete guide on nail decoration .

It is so called because it is worn by elegant women who are dedicated to being beautiful, as its design, being geographically straight and exact, gives the feeling that they are stylish girls and they are very fixated on their image about fashion.

This is a style that never ceases to be a trend for which every manicurist always recommends at some point to make this design for a subject that is easy to do and quick when going to a party and you will be very well organized matching your dress and  skin makeup .

In addition, French nails can be made for both short and long nails , although the recommendation is always that the woman has the longest nail to have more room for creativity when it comes to decorations.

What I need to do?

  1. white enamel;
  2. Natural enamel, pale pink or “milk way”;
  3. Transparent base with shine;
  4. nail file;
  5. Adhesive tape or in the form of croissants , especially for French nails;
  6. Cotton swabs and nail polish remover;

Best tips for having perfect French nails:

I will explain how to do it step by step, in detail so that you can learn, but above all do it at home as if it were a professional manicure and that your nails are well decorated with a refined touch. With these tips I assure you that you will learn the design much faster and with practice you will be able to apply it perfectly from memory .

Don’t worry, this guide is for beginners to keep your nails perfect and can be done for both hands and feet as if you were an expert pedicure.

1. Tip:

You have to remove all the old nail polish left over from your nails with a cotton pad that has been previously soaked in nail polish remover.

2. Tip:

 Take a bowl of warm water and wet your fingers so that you can soften and be easier to clean, then you should let them dry.

3. Tip:

Using an orange manicure stick , slowly push back the cuticle.

4. Tip:

With a nail file you can smooth the polish a little over the entire area so that it adheres better to the nail polish and doesn’t smudge.

5. Tip:

You should always do the same procedure that is done from the inside out, with this you will give shape, but also correspond to the size of the long nails.

6. Tip:

Start applying a clear base that is the base, let it dry for a few minutes.

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