Foot Swelling – What it is, Causes and Treatments

Foot Swelling – What it is, Causes and Treatments that we should all know. Additionally, Foot Swells  rely on a sense of touch to move away from hot surfaces and navigate changing terrain. But if you feel numbness in your foot, you may have little or no sensation in your foot.

Foot Swelling  in the foot can be a temporary condition or it can be the result of a chronic condition such as diabetes . The symptom can also be progressive. You may start to lose some sensation in your foot, then slowly lose more and more feeling over time. Seeking medical advice for Foot Swelling in the Foot  can help to slow or delay its progress. So, check out  Foot Swelling – What is it, Causes and Treatments:

What Causes Numbness in Foot:  Your body is a complex network of nerves that travel from the tips of your toes and toes to your brain and back. If you experience damage, blockage, infection , or compression of a nerve that travels to your foot, you may experience foot numbness. Medical conditions that can cause numbness in your foot include:

  • Alcoholism or chronic alcohol abuse:
  • t-Marie-Tooth Pond Disease:
  • Diabetes and diabetic neuropathy:
  • freezing:
  • Guillain-Barré syndrome:
  • herniated disc:
  • Lyme Disease :
  • Mortona’s Neuroma:
  • multiple sclerosis:
  • peripheral arterial disease:
  • peripheral vascular disease:
  • sciatica:
  • Roof tiles:
  • Side effect of chemotherapy drugs:
  • spinal cord injury:
  • Vasculitis or inflammation of blood vessels :

You may also experience foot numbness after prolonged episodes of sitting one of the symptoms of Foot Swelling . This loss of sensation – often called “going to sleep” – occurs because the nerves leading to the foot are compressed while sitting. When you stand and the blood flow returns, your foot may feel like it’s numb. A pins and needles feeling usually occurs before circulation and sensation returns to your foot.

Symptoms of Numbness in Foot:  The main symptom for Numbness of Foot  in your foot is losing sensation in your foot. This affects your sense of touch and balance because you can’t feel the position of your foot against the floor. While loss of sensation is the main symptom of foot numbness, you may experience some additional abnormal sensations. These include:

  • Chop:
  • Pins and needles sensation :
  • anthill:
  • Weak feeling foot or feet:

These additional symptoms can help your doctor diagnose what is causing your Swollen Foot .

How Numbness in the Foot is Treated:  Numbness in the foot  is a common cause of imbalance and can increase the risk of falling. Working with a physical therapist to develop a balance program will help reduce your risk of falling. Movements and exercises that don’t irritate foot numbness are great ways to improve blood flow to the affected nerves.

Talk to your doctor and physical therapist about designing an exercise program that works for you. Treating Foot Swelling  is very important. A lack of sensation can increase your risk of foot injuries , travel, and falls. You may suffer a cut or an injury without knowing if you can’t feel your foot well. Your wound may not heal as quickly if you have decreased circulation.

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