Foods to treat gastritis naturally

Foods to Treat Gastritis Naturally are a natural way to treat this problem. In addition, gastritis has become one of the most common diseases in recent years. It is an inflammation of the stomach epithelium, capable of causing a lot of pain and discomfort. The reason it is a crescent is not difficult to understand.

At a time when everyone works a lot and has little time for a balanced diet, fast-food and practical but unhealthy food are consumed more frequently; also the increase in stress makes many individuals susceptible to developing gastritis, since depending on the case it can have a nervous origin.

What is Gastritis?

Gastritis is inflammation of the stomach  lining (gastric mucosa). All or part of the gastric mucosa may be involved. Gastritis can be classified as acute or chronic. Acute gastritis occurs suddenly and often responds to appropriate therapy.

While chronic gastritis develops slowly. Inflammation of the stomach lining  is most often caused by a bacteria called H. pylori. This problem can vary greatly in symptoms, which can be mild to severe. Symptoms may not always be correlated with the severity of the disease.

Does it Cause Gastritis?

One of the main causes of acute and chronic gastritis is the infection of the stomach lining by a bacterial species called Helicobacter pylori. Typically, this bacteria first infects the antrum of the stomach (stomach mucosa without  acid-producing cells) acutely and can progress to infect most or all of the stomach lining  over time (chronic gastritis) and remain there for years. .

This infection generates a strong initial inflammatory response and eventually a long-term chronic inflammation with changes in intestinal cells that may develop. Another major cause of acute and chronic gastritis is the use (and overuse) of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) such as ibuprofen (Advil and others) or naproxen.

Symptoms of Gastritis:

Gastritis can be seen acutely or chronically. Both types will cause the most unpleasant symptoms in relation to the stomach  and will also present similarities in the pain picture.

However, it is possible to detect nuances of symptoms in the two different types of gastritis. In general, we can say that the symptoms of gastritis are commonly presented in this way, but not in this order:

  • Asia;
  • Stomach burning  or poor digestion;
  • Constant pain in the upper abdomen.

In general, these symptoms can be observed very commonly after eating food at any time of the day.

Foods to Treat Gastritis Naturally:

1. Low Fat Fish and Chicken:

You don’t need to cut meat from your menu because of the fat . Boiled, braised or grilled chicken meats; non-greasy fish, such as hake and hake in the oven or grilled and less fatty red meats, which include duckling, soft coxão and lizard are allowed, according to the nutritionist as Foods to Treat Gastritis Naturally . But no fries!

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2. Foods with Lactobacilli:

Sometimes gastritis kills the good bacteria in the stomach  , and without them, the tissue doesn’t recover, explains the nutritionist. Therefore, the replacement of lactobacilli is important to populate the stomach  with beneficial bacteria and thus to cure gastritis. Lactobacilli are found in yogurt and even sold in powder form.

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3. Non-Acidic Fruits:

Lime orange, banana , apple, and guava and papaya are on the list of released fruits, as they do not harm the stomach . Its juices can also be ingested without fear. The recommended amount is four to five servings a day for breakfast, mid-morning, as a dessert for lunch, between lunch and dinner and another for dinner, each serving being a fruit or a slice.

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4. Bean Broth:

Although the bean grain should be avoided because of the fermentation it causes. Therefore, its broth can be used as one of the Foods to Treat Gastritis Naturally . In addition to being easily digested, you can take advantage of the nutrients that beans offer and still kill your cravings. Therefore, since the taste of the broth does not change when separated from the grain. Vegetable soups and soup are also free.

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5. Aloe Vera Juice:

According to nutritionists, Aloe vera juice , also known as aloe vera, has healing power and is one of the foods to treat gastritis naturally . That is, in addition to not being harmful, it also contributes to the healing of the stomach wound. The juice is already sold ready and 50 ml ingested on an empty stomach or before bed daily are enough.

6. Green Juice:

According to nutritionists, the juice of parsley and cabbage is rich in chlorophyll, an energizing substance and full of zinc and antioxidants, items necessary for the recovery of the stomach , in addition to vitamin C and magnesium. To prepare, mix the green ingredients with fruit juice, water and sprouted flaxseed.

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7. Butter Kale:

Cabbage is one of the best Foods to Treat Gastritis Naturally . Therefore, it has a healing action and acts in the regeneration of the stomach mucosa. Kale also contains carotenoids and bioflavonoids that fight inflammation and can help prevent the onset of cancer.

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8. Spinach:

It can be present in your juice, salad or even soup. Therefore, it doesn’t matter how you consume it, the important thing is that it enters the diet. No exaggeration! The secret is to assemble a very colorful dish and drizzle with a drizzle of olive oil .

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9. Espinheira Santa:

Espinheira santa tea has anti-inflammatory properties and can help heal the stomach lining, being one of the  foods to treat gastritis naturally . Therefore, the medicinal plant also acts in the fight against H.pylori and decreases the secretion of gastric acid.

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