Foods to Increase Leptin Levels!

Foods to increase leptin levels are easy to find and can be consumed by anyone. Did you know that a hormone produced in fat cells actually stimulates your metabolism and tells the brain when you are full? Well, as incredible as it sounds, “ Leptin ” does just that.

It is important for the body  and you can increase the levels of leptin in your body as it is an essential compound that offers many health benefits.

What is leptin?

Leptin is a hormone that is produced by fat cells . It is responsible for many actions; it tells the brain  that your body  is full and stimulates your metabolic activity. Normally, when fat cells  are full of food, leptin is secreted and enters the brain  to reduce your appetite, which makes you feel full, full and satisfied.

If you have a very low leptin level , it is likely that you have low body fat  or are malnourished. Researchers suggest that more leptin may stimulate fat burning , but studies have concluded something entirely different. People who are overweight tend to produce an excess of leptin and often face elevated leptin levels .

Elevated levels of leptin also translate to high levels of sugar and insulin . An excess of leptin can lead to decreased sensitivity to leptin , which in turn leads to hunger and food cravings and eventually obesity.

Can Foods Provide Leptin? 

While there are certain foods that contain leptin , consuming these foods will not help as leptin cannot be absorbed by the intestines. Most foods that are generally known as leptin rich foods actually increase leptin sensitivity and do not contain much leptin.

Therefore, the most effective way to increase the amount of Leptin  in your body  is through foods that increase your body ‘s Leptin  sensitivity . Consuming these Leptin  -rich foods will not only increase your Leptin sensitivity but will also help in stimulating better metabolic activity. This results in lower cravings and a controlled body weight.

1. Maintain healthy leptin levels: 

Leptin is crucial for  your body  and performs many functions. It helps in regulating your appetite by curbing the overproduction of appetite-enhancing hormones, acting as an appetite suppressant. Leptin works  together with adiponectin to fight metabolic syndrome.

You already know that Leptin cannot be absorbed directly from food. So, let’s look at how to increase your Leptin  sensitivity and ensure you maintain healthy Leptin levels . Check Now  The 4 Foods To Increase Leptin Levels:

2. Protein: 

This is one of the best foods to increase your Leptin sensitivity . Protein helps in energizing your body  and increases Leptin levels . It makes you feel fuller for a long time.

Fatty fish: 

Fatty fish is packed with many essential vitamins and is known to contain rich amounts of omega 3 fatty acids. They help in increasing your body ‘s sensitivity  to Leptin  and you will be able to control your weight. This results in a healthy heart and regulated cholesterol levels.


Many studies have shown that people with leptin  deficiencies are often zinc deficient , and it has been found that most obese people appear to suffer from zinc deficiency . The best way to increase your leptin sensitivity and increase the amount of zinc  is to include meat, cocoa, nuts, seafood and pumpkin in your diet.

Leafy vegetables:

 Leafy vegetables contain most of the necessary nutrients without providing  your body with unwanted fat . Vegetables like kale , broccoli and spinach are especially good for your body as they are also high in fiber. Fiber has been known to increase leptin levels and reduce LDL cholesterol .

Foods that decrease leptin sensitivity: 

Above we looked at foods that increase leptin sensitivity and help in promoting healthy levels of Leptin in your body . There are certain foods that decrease leptin  sensitivity as well. Generally, foods like processed carbs and pre-packaged meals negatively affect your Leptin  sensitivity and decrease it. This can lead to many complications.

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