10 Foods That Worse Candidiasis!

Foods that worsen candidiasis are a homemade way to help you get rid of this disease, one of the factors that trigger the symptoms of candidiasis is food. The fungus needs an acidic environment to reproduce, and foods rich in simple carbohydrates , fats and animal proteins contribute to this acidity.

If you don’t know what candidiasis is, you probably don’t have the disease. That’s because it can be very annoying and not pretty, even if it appears in the mouth, in the private parts or in any other part of the man’s and woman’s body.

For those who don’t know, by the way, foods that worsen candidiasis  feed the fungus. However, when an imbalance occurs, this fungus can multiply and the disease begins, which usually manifests with whitish secretions, itching, redness, pain when urinating, among other symptoms (also unpleasant).

Foods that make thrush worse:

1. Sweets:

Studies indicate that sugar is one of the biggest villains of candida. This is because the toxins released in their digestion serve as food for the proliferation of the fungus that causes the disease.

2. Breads:

Obtained from the fermentation process, breads can intensify the proliferation of fungi in the vaginal region. Mushroom, ketchup and mustard are also on that list.

3. Melon and watermelon:

Like the previous items, melon and watermelon should be avoided by women who have candidiasis because they have a layer of fungi around the seed. They, in the body , can intensify the inflammatory process.

4. Raisins:

The drying process of dried fruits is ideal for the proliferation of fungi. In thrush flare-ups, all foods containing these foods that worsen thrush  should be avoided.

5. Acid fruits:

Acidic fruits like tangerines, raspberries and pineapples are one of the foods that make thrush worse . As they carry acidic nutrients, they can interfere with the pH of the vaginal region and contribute to the proliferation of fungi.

6. Noodles:

Pasta is rich in carbohydrates that, when digested, turn into sugar and are foods that worsen candida and . The same goes for flours, tapioca and the like.

7. Processed meats:

Processed meats are those that undergo industrial processes, such as smoked meats and sausages. Today, these excess foods can be harmful to health, as they contain several inflammatory substances, such as excess sodium, hydrogenated fats and additives.

8. Peanuts:

Oilseeds are very healthy, but some, especially peanuts, are at greater risk of fungal contamination, becoming a controversial item for those who have candidiasis. It is recommended to avoid the consumption of this oilseed and its derived oil when the condition is active.

Other oilseeds should be purchased carefully, avoiding those that are sold in bulk, as improper storage makes them an easy target for fungi as well.

9. Alcoholic beverages:

Alcoholic beverages end up being the enemy of the health of those who have candidiasis for several reasons. The first is its role in the immune system. In addition, the daily consumption of alcohol can also acidify the blood and the organism , making the environment more conducive to the proliferation of the Candida fungus.

10. Animal proteins:

Just as sugar favors the growth of the fungus population, the greater acidity of the body makes these foods that worsen candidiasis. In addition, animal proteins are included in the latter group, as the fat present in these foods facilitates greater inflammation in the body , which can weaken the immune system.

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