The 8 Foods That Make Joint Pain Worse

Foods that Make Joint Pain Worse are diverse, but here are a few listed to help you not make your pain worse.  In addition,  Joint Pain causes great discomfort, pain and inflammation and can range from mild to severe, acute or chronic.

The main causes of Joint Pain  are: injuries, gout , lupus , broken or dislocated bones and fibromyalgia . Joint pain can be made worse or relieved by certain foods. So, check out The 8 Foods That Make Joint Pain Worse :

Dairy:  Dairy is  Foods that Make Joint Pain Worse,  as it is highly inflammatory for many people, and can lead to an inflammatory response.

Refined Carbohydrates:  White flour products such as breads and crackers, white potatoes, white rice and cereals are refined carbohydrates, which are the main causes of obesity and are among the  Foods that Make Joint Pain Worse . They have a high glycemic index and trigger the production of AGE, which stimulates inflammation.

Red and Processed Meats:  These meats contain chemicals, purine and nitrate, which worsen pain and inflammation as well as cancer growth .

Alcohol:  Joint pain is significantly aggravated by excessive alcohol consumption. Beer is rich in gluten and purines, which are converted to uric acid in the body and therefore have a negative effect on Joint Pain .

Sugar:  If you suffer from Joint Pain , you should avoid processed sugars as they stimulate the release of inflammatory messengers called cytokines. So do not consume cereals, doughnuts, chocolate bars and sodas, as excessive levels of sugar can also put pressure on the bones, being one of the Foods that Make Joint Pain Worse  and cause weight gain.

Salt:  Numerous packaged and pre-made foods are high in salt and other preservatives as a way of extending shelf life. Refined salt is plentiful in chemicals and additives, which disrupt the fluid balance in the body, making it one of the foods that make joint pain worse . Therefore, avoid low-nutrient foods and microwave meals. Use Himalayan salt instead of table salt.

Monosodium Glutamate:  Monosodium glutamate, or MSG, is an additive used to improve the flavor of foods and is often added to salad dressings, charcuterie and prepared soups. This additive seriously aggravates joint pain and inflammation, so stay away from foods that contain this additive.

Corn Oil: Corn  oil is added to many snacks and baked goods, as well as numerous oils rich in omega-6 fatty acids. However, studies confirm that these oils cause inflammation. Therefore, you should stop consuming soy and grapeseed oil, and replace them with anti-inflammatory acids such as walnuts , olive oil , flax seeds, and pumpkin seeds .

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