15 Foods That Help You Lose Weight

Foods that help you lose weight are diverse, as foods have a large amount of essential nutrients for the general health of the body. In addition, there are several foods that when consumed give a greater feeling of satiety, mainly fruits and vegetables. some of them can be considered natural slimming, due to their diuretic effects and metabolism acceleration.

Foods that help you lose weight are those that improve intestinal transit, fight fluid retention , accelerate metabolism and help burn calories like banana, acerola , lychee, broccoli , sweet potato .

There are a lot of people who claim to want to lose their belly , but usually they don’t know how to do it. Which is normal, since they are people who do not have specialization in the medical or nutrition area and certainly do not have enough means to obtain clear and accurate information on the subject. So, check out The 15 Foods That Help You Lose Weight.

Foods That Help You Lose Weight # Broccoli Broccoli is one of the foods that help you lose weight , a vegetable rich in fiber, which gives you the power of satiety. In addition, the vegetable has a phytochemical called sulphon, an ally of hypertensive patients.

Foods That Help You Lose Weight # Corn: Corn is a cereal rich in complex carbohydrates, which is great for easing the craving for sweets. It is also a source of fibers that are allies of intestinal functioning, cholesterol control and increased satiety. Not to mention that it does not contain gluten, making it a suitable option for people with nutrient sensitivity or celiac disease. 

Foods that Help You Lose Weight #  Acerola : Acerola is rich in vitamin C , the fruit is important for the immune system , helping to prevent colds and flu.

Foods that Help Lose Weight # Lychee: Lychee is part of the foods that help you lose weight  because it is a fruit rich in vitamins and minerals, especially potassium , which helps in the balance of the body. It also has a substance called cyanidin, present in the peel and pulp, which acts in the burning of fat in the belly region.

Foods that help you lose weight # Banana :  Bananais one of the main foods that help you lose weight , because it has a hormone called tryptophan, which acts on brain activity and promotes well-being, also relieving hunger.

It also has vitamin B6, which relieves PMS symptoms. But its main feature is the presence of potassium , essential for muscle contraction and relaxation and also responsible for increasing elasticity in the arterial walls, preserving heart health.

Foods that Help You Lose Weight Strawberry : Strawberry has ellagic acid, a powerful oxidant that acts against free radicals. In addition to potassium , magnesium and phosphorus , excellent for maintaining the health of the nervous and muscular system. It is also rich in soluble fiber, which helps control blood glucose, preventing the development of diabetes. 

Foods That Help You Lose Weight# Sweet Potato: Sweet  potato is rich in carbohydrates and is a good source of pre-workout energy. It has the power to give you satiety for longer, because it has a low glycemic index, that is, it is also a great source of vitamins A , B1 and B5, minerals such as phosphorus , calcium , potassium , iron and sodium .

Foods that Help You Lose Weight Cassava:  Cassava, in addition to inhibiting appetite, provides energy, increases mood and reduces stress.

Foods that Help You Lose Weight # Melon : Melon helps with weight loss because it isrich in vitamins A and vitamin C. It also makes the body satisfied with less food, due to its fiber. Another characteristic of cleansing within the organism. It is also a low-fat, low-calorie fruit and its natural sugar inhibits the desire to eat sweets. 

Foods that Help You Lose Weight# Yacon Potato:  The yacon potato helps lower the glycemic index and is also rich in fiber, making you feel full. In addition, it reduces the risk of diabetes and helps with bowel function.

Foods that Help You Lose Weight Orange :  Orangeis rich in vitamin C , the fruit is a source of fiber and antioxidants. Bitter orange haslong been used in weight loss diets. The citrus aurantine extracted from the orange of the bitter orange has the power to accelerate metabolism, satiety and increase thermogenesis.

Foods that Help You Lose Weight# Kiwi : Kiwi is ideal for people with constipation problems, the peel has laxative power and the fruit is also a source of vitamin C. In addition, it helps to lose weight due to its diuretic action. 

Foods that Help You Lose Weight# Tomato : Tomatoes are mainly composed of water, it has only 14 calories in 100g. The consumption of tomato is recommended because it is a food rich in lycopene, vitamins of complex A and B and very important minerals for the body with folic calcium, phosphorus , potassium and fructose. “explains Andrea. When more mature, it can be said that it will be more concentrated in these nutrients. 

Tomato is also a food that has several types of vitamins and minerals, which makes it a great ally for those who want to lose weight. It can be associated with growth and slimming hormone, as it increases muscle mass, decreasing the percentage of fat and skin appearance.

Foods That Help You Lose Weight # Lemon :  Lemonis rich in vitamin C and limonene, it has oxidizing properties and also helps prevent some types of cancer. In addition, the citric acid present in lemon is responsible for its slimming ability, because it helps to dissolve toxins and fats accumulated in the body.

These foods should be consumed daily throughout the day, along with regular physical activity and a healthy diet low in sugar, sweets, fat, fried foods and processed foods.

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