Foods That Help Treat Reflux!

Foods that help treat reflux are a natural and painless way to treat this problem once and for all without any effort. In addition, symptoms of gastroesophageal reflux include hoarseness, feeling that food is heavy in the stomach, burning, irritation, nausea, coughing, wheezing, asthma symptoms, and corroded tooth enamel.

The diet focused on Foods that Help Treat Reflux to prevent or improve gastroesophageal reflux should prioritize the consumption of fiber, fruits and vegetables; reducing or even excluding the consumption of industrialized, spicy and high-fat products such as fried foods, soft drinks and ready-made sauces.

The vast majority of research points to diet as an important contributing factor to the improvement or worsening of symptoms, so modifying the diet becomes fundamental for the success of the plot and control of the symptoms related to the problem.

What is Reflux?

Gastroesophageal reflux, also known by the acronym GERD, is a condition in which the acids present inside the stomach  do not follow the normal flow and end up returning through the esophagus (tube that connects the mouth to the stomach ). This movement irritates the tissues lining the esophagus, causing the typical symptoms of this problem such as heartburn and burning, for example.

What Causes Reflux?

Reflux is caused by the “loosening” of the esophageal sphincter, a very strong ring located right at the entrance of the stomach  that serves precisely to prevent the return of food. Another key point is the Foods that Help Treat Reflux.  When the diet  contains acidic foods  , sausages, canned goods, carbonated drinks, alcohol, milk or processed foods , the situation worsens.

How Can I Treat Reflux?

If you suffer from reflux, the first step is to eat little, in short periods. It is important to avoid coffee and cigarettes in addition to the aforementioned foods  . Swap these foods for vegetables, fruits, that is,  more natural foods .

Taking care of weight is also important, because when we gain weight, the abdomen dilates and tends to worsen the condition. In addition, during pregnancy, reflux is also common and demands attention.

Foods that Help Treat Reflux:

1. Banana:

Another ingredient that can be included in the group of good foods  for those who have this problem is bananas, since the fruit is not very acidic: its pH value is 5.6. pH is an index that measures how acidic, alkaline or neutral a substance is.

2. Melon:

As with the banana, the acidity level of the melon is also not high, at 6.1. In addition, the rate of people with reflux who have problems consuming the fruit is very small: it varies between 1 and 2%.

3. Fennel (fennel):

Fennel is the plant that gives rise to fennel and can be used in the preparation of various recipes during meals such as tea , soup and even chicken, a dish in which it is used as a seasoning. With a practically neutral pH, the number is at 6.9, it doesn’t hurt for those who suffer from reflux and there is still evidence that the vegetable helps improve the functioning of the stomach , so it is one of the Foods that Help Treat Reflux .

4. Chicken and Turkey:

Those who suffer from the condition don’t necessarily need to stay away from foods  like chicken and turkey, just know how to prepare these dishes. In addition, the recommendation is to remove the skin, which contains a lot of fat, and not fry the meats.

5. Oats:

People who need to follow a diet for those who have reflux do not go wrong by consuming a portion of oatmeal for breakfast or snack during the day. In addition, from not causing reflux, the food sustains. By helping to provide a feeling of satiety to the body, due to its high fiber content.

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