8 foods that help treat labyrinthitis!

Foods that help treat labyrinthitis are a natural way to treat this disease as it affects both balance and hearing. The organs responsible for balance and hearing are located inside the inner ear and communicate with the central nervous system through the nerves of hearing.

Labyrinthitis is one of the pathologies that can be caused by infections, inflammation, tumors, neurological diseases, genetic alterations and compressions. It usually appears after the age of 40, when there is some metabolic or vestibular alteration, or an increase in cholesterol levels.

What is labyrinthitis?

It is the involvement of the labyrinth structure of the inner ear, responsible for hearing and balance. Therefore, inflammatory, infectious and tumor processes, neurological diseases, mechanical compressions and genetic alterations can cause labyrinthitis crises.

There are some risk factors for this disease, such as hypoglycemia (  low blood sugar ), diabetes , hypertension, otitis, use of alcohol, tobacco, coffee and certain medications, including some antibiotics, anti-inflammatory drugs, stress and anxiety.

What is the influence of food?

There are  foods  that interfere with the nervous system, hyperstimulating and causing labyrinthitis crises, so avoid foods full of  fat  and substances such as monosodium glutamate. Therefore, it is also important to avoid the consumption of alcoholic beverages and not to smoke.

On the other hand, there are  foods  that strengthen our body and improve symptoms, preventing the crisis of labyrinthitis. Therefore, also avoid long periods of fasting, eat every 3 hours, hydrate properly and practice physical exercises guided by a doctor or physical educator.

What are the symptoms?

Dizziness and vertigo associated or not with nausea, vomiting, sweating, gastrointestinal changes, hearing loss, imbalance, tinnitus, impaired hearing.

Foods that are bad for labyrinthitis:

  • Foods that are bad for labyrinthitis and therefore should be avoided are:
  • Candy, candy, chocolate, cakes, cookies, ice cream or other foods high in sugar ;
  • Sugary drinks, such as soft drinks and juices, especially industrialized ones;
  • Stimulant drinks such as coffee , coke and mate tea;
  • Fried foods, sausages and other foods rich in fat ;
  • Alcoholic beverages.

In addition to avoiding these foods , it is important not to add salt when seasoning foods because salt increases pressure in the ear, which aggravates inflammation .

See how to use these and other herbs for seasoning here. Eating every 3 hours also helps to prevent the onset of labyrinthitis attacks as well as being hydrated so it is recommended to drink 1.5 to 2 liters of water a day.

Foods that help treat labyrinthitis:

1. Legumes:

In any diet , vegetables are essential, as they contain important vitamins for the proper functioning of the body. But for this disease vegetables are considered foods that help treat labyrinthitis .

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2. Lemon:

Lemon is one of the foods that help treat labyrinthitis . In addition, the vitamin C in this fruit boosts the immune system and helps the body fight disease. Several other nutrients in lemon can also make it naturally energizing.

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3. Gelo:

You know when that sudden dizziness comes that makes you completely lose your balance? This is one of the most effective emergency home remedies out there. First of all, it is ideal that the person is resting, sitting or lying down.

4. Fruit:

What do you think about swapping sweets for a portion of fruit in desserts? The habit will help you fight the unwanted symptoms of labyrinthitis as they are foods that help treat labyrinthitis . You will have a much healthier life.

5. Drink water:

Dehydration tends to be a common cause of dizziness. Often, this can be caused by going too long without drinking water, or failing to hydrate your body during and after exercise.

6. Ginger:

This time-tested recipe works wonders for dizziness and nausea. In addition, it stimulates blood flow to the brain and other parts of the body, which helps to reduce dizziness. Try chewing a small slice of fresh ginger , or sucking on it to relieve these symptoms.

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7. Garlic:

Garlic is one of the foods that help treat labyrinthitis  with excellent beneficial properties for the body, and it can also help relieve dizziness. To do this, crush 1 clove of garlic  and put it in a cup of hot water. Let it act for a few minutes, strain and drink immediately.

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8. Amla:

This natural remedy, coming from ayurveda (traditional Indian medicine), provides a rich source of vitamin A and C, boosting your immunity. Therefore, it improves blood circulation, and helps to treat and prevent dizziness.

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The content of this article is excerpted from Dr. Saúde  which is an information site about   healthy weight loss and various health tips.

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