The 10 Foods That Help Prevent Heartburn and Reflux!

Foods that Help Prevent Heartburn and Reflux effectively and healthy. Also, imagine a country where more than 20 million people suffer from the discomfort generated by heartburn. Although this number seems exaggerated, it is in line with the reality of Brazil, according to data from the World Health Organization (WHO).

In addition, many other Brazilians are also victims of reflux, a disease that disrupts routine and can compromise well-being. Thinking about it, how about adopting eating habits capable of alleviating the symptoms resulting from both problems and even preventing heartburn and reflux? Next, you will discover natural and healthy options to keep your stomach healthy! Prepared? So, check out The 10 Foods That Help Prevent Heartburn and Reflux.

Carrots: Carrots are one of themain foods that help prevent heartburn and reflux , as it is rich in Vitamin A  and  Vitamin C  , the vegetable stimulates the production of white cells, which strengthen the immune system.

In addition, such vitamins have properties that fight aging not only of the skin and body, but also of brain cells. Its anti-inflammatory properties help the body to fight headaches , in the body, in the stomach and also help in other evils caused by inflammation, such as cellulites .

Brown Rice:  Unlike the white version, brown rice helps prevent heartburn and reflux , as the food has the presence of complex carbohydrates, that is, those that take longer to turn into glucose in the bloodstream. In addition, the large amount of fiber that makes up brown rice provides a greater feeling of satiety with less food. This factor even contributes to healthy weight loss.

Oatmeal:  Consuming a serving of oatmeal first thing in the morning helps fight heartburn and reflux , you know? That’s because oatmeal does not harm the stomach mucosa and, in addition, prolongs the feeling of satiety. A good option is to mix it with other healthy foods, such as bananas or apples .

Beetroot  Beetroot is rich in betalain (pigment responsible for its purplish color), which is an excellent natural antioxidant, aiding in the proper functioning of the intestine and facilitating the digestion process, which helps to prevent heartburn and reflux.

Boldo: Boldo  tea stimulates digestion, bile secretion and hepatic intestinal disorders. Thus, this drink fights constipation , intestinal gas, heartburn  and reflux, liver disordersand acts on the degradation of fats.

Kale:  Kale is one of the most remembered foods when it comes to stomach disorders, as its intake helps prevent heartburn and reflux . Through antioxidant actions, which perform a real cleaning in the body, cabbage can be consumed in the form of salads, detox juices , stir-fries and in many other ways.

One of its greatest benefits is concentrated in the presence of Vitamin C and fiber, which cleanse the body, increase satiety and facilitate the weight loss process. In order for the stomach to benefit from cabbage , it is recommended to consume it raw (in the midst of salads or juices).

Fennel:  Fennel calms the nerves, eliminates bad breath and fights intestinal and belly cramps. Fennel tea is a great ally to help prevent heartburn and reflux and can be consumed during pregnancy.

Ginger:  While there are many people who believe that ginger  worsens the symptoms of stomach ailments, its effect on the body is quite the opposite. Ginger is traditionally known as an ingredient with anti-inflammatory properties, being used for a long time as an ally in the treatment of gastrointestinal problemshelping to prevent heartburn and reflux .

Mint:  Used as a seasoning, Mint helps to strengthen the digestive organs and aids in efficient digestion, as it triggers the functioning of the salivary glands. Its tea is widely consumed in cases of flu and colds and also when someone has stomach pains and poor digestion.

Papaya: Papaya is a powerful fruit and an excellent food that helps prevent heartburn and reflux , which can be allied to the health of the body, skin and beauty. It has 86% water in its composition and is rich in Vitamin A  and  Vitamin C , in addition to Calcium , Iron , Potassium , minerals, carotenoids and fibers. Papaya also has some medicinal properties, acting as an excellent natural remedy for constipation .

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