15 Foods That Help Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease

The Foods That Help Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease that many still don’t know about. In addition, with the progression of Alzheimer’s disease , feeding the patient can become increasingly difficult. Therefore, it is necessary to take measures lagoons.

Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease

The patient with  Alzheimer’s disease  requires follow-up with a nutritionist for guidance on the diet, because, generally, in an advanced stage it is more pasty (pures) or even liquids and requires adequate supplementation. Observing whether the meal is pleasing to the taste of the Alzheimer’s disease patient is also essential, because, in this way, it is possible to make the necessary adjustments to the menu.

Foods that Help Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease:  To increase the meal of the patient with  Alzheimer ‘s Disease , some foods rich in nutrients and with several benefits are indicated, so check out The 15 Foods That Help Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease: 

Blueberries: Blueberries nourish theentire organism. Its components help to prevent or delay degenerative diseases of the brain, such as Alzheimer’s Disease . In addition,  blueberries act as an antioxidant, fighting free radicals, molecules that, in excess, damage the body’s cells.

Oilseeds (hazelnuts): Oilseeds  aresources of various minerals and vitamins such as phosphorus , magnesium , potassium , B vitamins and vitamin E. These foods are allies to maintain good cardiovascular health, which leads to the distribution of blood and oxygen to all Organs, especially the brain and Alzheimer’s Disease .

Avocado: Avocado  is rich in omega – 3, the good fat that protects the brain from premature wear and tear, ie Alzheimer’s Disease .

Tomato:  The trump card of  Tomato  is in the presence of lycopene which, in addition to its antioxidant properties, helps in the prevention of many diseases , including stroke and Alzheimer’s disease .

Chia: Chia favors  the functioning of neurons, which improves brain activity. All this due to the presence of Omega-3 in Chia .

Olive Oil: Olive Oil  is a source of antioxidant properties that provide tissue protection, which prevents damage caused by free radicals. Olive Oil alsohelps protect the heart, ensuring optimal blood circulation, as well as nourishing all the cells in the body so that they can function properly.

Fish  : Fishare sources of phosphorus, a mineral that helps to strengthen the brain, improve memory and prevent  Alzheimer’s disease . Fish are also great sources of protein, and those from deeper waters (such as tuna, sardines and salmon) are rich in omega-3.

Coffee and Green Tea:  By acting as an antioxidant, Coffee and Green Tea helps protect cells, thus preventing diseases that affect the brain such as Alzheimer’s Disease , in addition to helping to preserve memory.

Cocoa: Because it contains antioxidant properties, Cocoa helps in good brain health , preventing premature aging of the body and its cells. Cocoa  is also a source of magnesium, a mineral that helps in thenutrition of the nervous system.

Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease

Broccoli: Broccoli has nutrients that have  theability to improve memory and maintain good brain health. Broccoli is also a source of sulforaphane, a powerful substance that helps to relax the arteries, thus controlling blood pressure which helps prevent  Alzheimer’s Disease .

Egg:  Before seen as a villain, today the Egg is considered a powerful food. In egg  white you can find albumin, a substance that, in addition to strengthening the muscles, provides satiety. That’s because the egg  helps produce neurotransmitters that send a message indicating that the stomach is satisfied.

Egg yolks, on the other hand  , contain choline, a nutrient that participates in the construction of the membrane of new brain cells and in the repair of damaged ones, thus protecting memory.

Turmeric :  Turmeric has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant actions, helping to prevent aging and eliminate brain structures associated with degenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s Disease .

Red fruits (strawberry, raspberry, blackberry):  Red  fruits have anthocyanin, an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant substance that prevents premature aging, in addition to fighting food poisoning.

Pomegranate: Pomegranate haspolyphenols, compounds that help the body fight free radicals, molecules that damage brain cells, thus helping to prevent Alzheimer’s  Disease .

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