The 8 Foods That Help Fight Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

The 8 Foods That Help Fight Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Also, do you feel pain, numbness, tingling or weakness in your hand? So, most likely, you are suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome . This syndrome is caused by a tensioned nerve in the wrist. Normally, the tissues around the median nerve in the hand swell and press on the nerve causing pain, numbness, tingling, or weakness. If left untreated, symptoms can persist and worsen for several weeks, even years. The insulation in the nerves can even wear out causing permanent damage.

It is important that you treat carpal tunnel syndrome at the first sign of symptoms to avoid further discomfort and irreversible damage. While your doctor will certainly recommend you wear a splint and may even want to give you corticosteroid injections, there are a number of home remedies you can use to further relieve pain and discomfort.

Ice: Ice is on the list of Foods That Help Fight Carpal Tunnel Syndrome , Applying some ice wrapped in a thin towel to your wrists can relieve pain and inflammation. It is recommended to leave the ice on the wrist for 10 minutes and repeat every hour until the discomfort subsides.

Heat: Some people respond better to heat than to ice. It is suggested to soak your hands and wrists in hot or hot water for 12 to 15 minutes before going to bed every night. This home remedy can reduce the likelihood of being woken up by pain during the night.

Nuts: These nuts are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which are known to reduce inflammation. If you’re experiencing symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome , toss a handful into your salad or on top of yogurt. Nuts can also be crushed and used as a bread crumb substitute when cooking chicken or fish. therefore, Nuts are one of the Best  Foods to Help Fight Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Potatoes: Potatoes and from the group of Foods that Help Fight Carpal Tunnel Syndrome,  Vitamin B6 is involved in over 100 enzymatic reactions. Some of these enzyme reactions are involved in relieving the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome . In addition to potatoes, vitamin B6 is found in most fruits (with the exception of citrus fruits), poultry and fish.

Turmeric  is an excellent spice but it is also one of the  foods that help fight Carpal Tunnel Syndrome thus becoming everyone’s favorite and a potent anti-inflammatory agent known to reduce pain and inflammation. For the most benefit, take curcumin supplements.

Pineapple: This tropical fruit contains a powerful enzyme known as bromelain. Bromelain is known to break down inflammatory proteins. Therefore, it can be helpful not only in reducing the pain caused by the syndrome, but also in healing the problem faster.

Whole Grains: Magnesium, found in whole grains, legumes and green vegetables, is important for nerve function and muscle relaxation. Eat a diet rich in magnesium and take a magnesium supplement to relieve the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome .

Flaxseed oil: Like fish and olive oil, flaxseed oil is rich in omega-3 fatty acids that reduce inflammation. Therefore, it is recommended to drink a tablespoon mixed with orange juice in the morning or in salad dressing in the evening.

Carpal tunnel syndrome  can be irritating and disruptive to your personal and professional life. So include pineapple, walnuts, turmeric and flaxseed oil in your diet. In fact, these ingredients together sound like a tasty anti-inflammatory remedy!

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