8 Foods That Help Control Diabetes!

Foods that help control diabetes are a natural way to treat this disease, the diet recommended today for people with diabetes should be rich in nutrients, low in fat and moderate in calories, that is, it follows the same principles as a healthy diet for diabetes. general population.

However, this disease is still surrounded by myths and doubts, especially about what can or cannot be included in the diet of people with diabetes. Check out here what can’t be missed on a diabetic’s table with the main foods that stabilize the glycemic curve.

Contrary to popular belief, the diet of a person with diabetes does not need to be limiting. More than depriving yourself of some foods , the important thing is to know what to add to the menu to achieve a healthy and balanced diet.

Foods that help control diabetes:

1. Cinnamon:

This spice of Asian origin is a tool that directly contributes to weight loss and control of cholesterol and diabetes . By having the polyphenol MHCP, it improves the action of insulin in cells, helping to regulate glucose levels in the body. Cinnamon also helps prevent blood sugar spikes .

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2. Linseed:

Flaxseeds also have numerous benefits, being considered a highly functional food. In addition to providing heart benefits, it helps fight and prevent diabetes . In addition, it is rich in fiber, protein and good fats .

3. Carrot:

Like sweet potatoes , carrots have a low glycemic index, helping to control sugar levels in the body. In addition, it is rich in beta-carotene, a substance directly linked to a lower risk of diabetes .

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4. Avocado:

Avocado is popularly famous for being high in fat . That’s true, but it doesn’t mean it’s bad. The fats present in this fruit are good for the body . By making digestion slower, it increases satiety and also prevents glycemic spikes, especially after large meals.

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5. Sweet potato:

This is one of the most consumed foods by athletes, especially those who want to gain muscle mass without gaining weight. Despite having sweet in the name, it is suitable for diabetics too. In addition, potatoes are a good source of vitamins A and B, minerals, phosphorus , iron , calcium and potassium .

6. Functional flours:

Functional flours such as blackberry, eggplant , green banana and coconut are beneficial for diabetics and to prevent this disease. This is because they are rich in soluble fiber , which will prevent glycemic spikes and consequently the production of insulin.

7. Pisces:

Cold and deep water fish , such as salmon , sardines , tuna , mackerel and others, are beneficial to health as they are rich in omega 3 . A survey conducted by the University of Valencia, Spain.

It analyzed meat and fish consumption in 945 people between 55 and 80 years old at high cardiovascular risk and found that consumption of fish, which is rich in omega 3, is associated with a lower incidence of type 2 diabetes and a decrease in glucose concentration. .

8. Oats:

Oatmeal is an important food for people with type 2 diabetes , as it is rich in soluble fiber. This nutrient helps to slow the rate of glucose absorption, which will prevent glucose spikes. In addition, it also controls the absorption of cholesterol .

The content of this article was extracted from How to Eliminate Stretch Marks , which is a website with information on   healthy weight loss and various health tips.

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