10 Foods Rich in Vitamin B17

Foods Rich in Vitamin B17 are quite varied as they have a vast amount of benefits that are essential for the overall health of the body. One of the best ways to prevent cancer is to eat foods rich in vitamin B17 .

Also, you must hear a lot about vitamins and proteins. But do you really understand their value? Many of us are not aware of the nutrients our bodies need and their functions. But if we don’t understand the value of nutrients, we’ll never be able to appreciate their need in our diet. Vitamin B17 is a nutrient that is often overlooked.

Vitamin B17

More commonly known as Amygdalin, this anti-cancer vitamin is a member of the B-complex vitamin family . An alternative cure for cancer , vitamin B17 is quite effective in shrinking tumors and reducing metastasis.

It kills cancer cells, protects the body from the inception, development and spread of Cancer in the future, and gives your Immune System a good boost. Foods that contain this vitamin are known as nitrilosides. Before knowing about the sources of this vitamin, let’s take a look at how these vitamins are beneficial for us.

In addition to being a recognized alternative medicine for Cancer , this Vitamin B17 is believed to provide other health benefits: The antihypertensive properties of this vitamin help keep Blood Pressure levels in check, which in turn , help to inhibit various cardiovascular diseases. Vitamin B17 is known to increase the potential of the Immune System . This vitamin is also used as a complete tonic to boost your overall health.

Interesting Fact:  If you do a Google search on vitamin B17, many results that come up contain a word called laetrile, which is used as a synonym for this vitamin. However, in reality, Laetrile is the synthetic form of B17 and is derived from Amygdalin. Laetrile is available in various forms on the market, namely injections, lotions, tablets, suppositories… So, check out Foods Rich in Vitamin B17:

List of 10 Foods Rich in Vitamin B17:

Seeds:  Seeds, especially Apricot Seeds , top the list of Foods Rich in Vitamin B17 . You can also find this vitamin in the seeds of plums, pears, peaches, nectarines, cherries, and even apples. Flaxseeds, pumpkin seeds , corn seeds and buckwheat seeds also contain vitamin present in moderate amounts.

Nuts:  Nuts arerich in a variety of nutrients, including minerals and protein. Almonds , especially thebitterest ones, along with Macadamia nuts and cashews , contain vitamin B17. Bitter almonds top the

Macadamia nuts follow, and finally cashews . However, researchers have indicated that these nuts are highly toxic and have been banned in the US. However, bitter almonds are used to make extracts and flavor liqueurs.

Fruits:  Berries – including Raspberry , Strawberry , Blackcurrant , Blackberry , and Blackberry – contain admirable amounts of this anti-cancer vitamin. Don’t forget Quinoa , Gooseberry , and Blackberry ! However, the surprising fact is that wild berries contain Vitamin B17 in quite high amounts.

Cabbages  Cabbagestop this list with a high dose of Vitamin B17 followed by Alfalfa sprouts , Chickpeas , and whole green grass.

Leaves:  Alfalfa and eucalyptus leaves contain high amounts of Vitamin B17 . Spinach leaves arealso potential sources of this vitamin.

Tubers:  Yam , Cassava and Sweet Potato . All of them contain this vitamin, with Cassava at the top of the list. Despite being a rich source of protein, cassava leaves must be prepared properly to prevent the conversion of cyanogenic glycosides to cyanide.

Beans:  Opt for assorted beans to get Vitamin B17 . Choose fava beans , black beans , lime and chickpeas which are rich in this vitamin. Cook them and include them in your diet to get this vitamin.

A Word of Caution:

As with all foods, there are chances of side effects like headache and vomiting. If you experience any of these symptoms, then enjoy a glass of fruit juice rich in Vitamin C – Orange , Lemon or Grape . While there is no evidence to show that Vitamin B17 affects pregnant and lactating women negatively, please check with your gynecologist before consuming any of these foods to avoid allergic reactions.

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