The 6 Foods Allies in Health and Wellness

The Foods Allied in Health and Wellness  are varied, therefore, the food  has a great amount of nutrients that are essential for the general health of the body. In addition, to avoid diseases it is essential to have good health and, for that, the role of food is very important. With grandma’s recipes or not, it has been proven more than once that having a balanced diet is essential to live well. Every day, researchers discover new properties in foods and their health benefits.In the case of respiratory diseases , the variety of foods  indicated is immense. “What we always ask patients is to follow a rich diet all year round. It is necessary to have a varied, colorful diet”. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? It’s actually not that difficult, but what are the most suitable vitamins and nutrients? Where to find such properties? Eating to prevent or during crises? There is something that must be avoided. So, check out now  The 6 Foods Allied to Health and Wellness.What to Eat Always:  Because it is a respiratory disease that affects many people, the main studies of prevention and even treatments of this type of health problem are focused on asthma . “ Asthma  is an inflammation and there are some foods that have anti-inflammatory power”, explains the nutritionist. The most suitable foods to be consumed by those who suffer from asthma , as well as other inflammatory diseases of the airways, such as rhinitis and sinusitis , are those that contain omega 3, Vitamin Cand E. “Generally speaking of respiratory diseases, the ideal is always to have a balanced and healthy diet, and not only during the manifestations of the diseases.

In addition to omega 3, Vitamin C and E , it is important to include in Foods with Vitamin A , those of the B complex and Zinc . Foods are   also antioxidant compounds and also help with immunity”. Thus, the organism must be able to fight the viruses that are more common in the winter season all year round. “Even if we take care of our health throughout the year, it is important to reinforce our diet with these nutrients during periods that favor the spread of respiratory diseases .”, highlights the professional. Having a diet rich in whole grains, vegetables, fruits and vegetables, it is possible to encompass all these nutrients. However, it is easy to find each one in specific foods.

  • Omega 3:  Fish such as salmon, tuna and sardines are very rich in this fatty acid, as well as flaxseed and chia seeds , which are plant sources of the same nutrient.
  • Vitamin C:  Easily found in critical fruits such as Lemon , Orange , Acerola , and Tangerine.
  • Vitamin E:  Vegetable oils in general, such as soybean and canola, and Brazil nuts, almonds , cashews and walnuts, in addition to avocado , which is also a good source of the vitamin.
  • Vitamin A:  Foods  that have beta-carotene, which in the body are transformed into Vitamin A , such as pumpkin , carrot and all orange-colored foods .
  • Vitamin B:  Whole grains in general are very rich in B vitamins, as well as leafy greens such as lettuce . Arugula
  • Zinc:  Also found in whole grains in addition to meat. “If you have a colorful diet, you can encompass everything. The formula, in the end, is simple”, concludes the nutritionist.

The Secret of Watercress:  One of the main discomforts of the flu is the mucus it creates. In addition to hot teas Foods such as soup and chicken soup, watercress is a special ingredient in this situation. The vegetable has a large amount of a beneficial substance for the dilution of the runny nose, which makes it expectorate and, consequently, improves flu symptomsand accelerates recovery. The substance in question is isothiocyanate, which acts directly on the airways, in addition to stimulating the liver . Isothiocyanate is also found in broccoli , cabbageand in mustard. Take advantage of these ingredients, along with watercress, and improve recipes, leaving them unbeatable against the flu .

What to Eat During a Crisis:  Garlic Tea , Onion , Chicken Soup. After all, grandma was right. The nutritionist says yes! “These foods are anti-inflammatory, that is, they are very good to improve a flu , for example,”. If you already have a cold or a respiratory crisis , it is interesting to drink garlic tea . “Actually, teas in general are benefits. The ‘warm’ is a great expectorant. That’s why in grandma’s time people said, have chicken soup when you have the flu. It really gets better.” The professional says that it has been scientifically proven that chicken soup helps with expectoration. “Hot contributes to the movement of the lung cilia and, consequently, leaves the mucus , coryza that we have during the flu , more liquid, so we can expectorate much easier. Also, the chicken itself has an amino acid called cysteine ​​and it also helps in the dilution of that mucus ,” she explains. The combination of hot meat with chicken is perfect to have a quick improvement from the flu . So, soup for everyone!

What to Avoid:  There is no other Food  that should not be consumed to prevent crises, but Foods  that should be avoided or exchanged for similar ones. “Dairy products in general should be avoided by those who already have a process of respiratory diseases , especially cow’s milk and its derivatives. It is quite common when you cross-reference the patient’s history to see that he is an avid consumer of dairy products”.

The nutritionist explains that milk greatly increases mucus in the body, so it is interesting that there is a decrease in this consumption and not only in crises, but throughout your diet. “What we also recommend is to vary dairy from animals other than cows,” she points out. The fame of goat’s milk, known for being the most suitable for those who suffer from a chronic respiratory problem. “I’ve never seen any specific research on goat’s milk, but on the consumption of milk from other animals, as they would be ‘better’ than cow’s. They are, it is also advisable to take sheep and buffalo milk, for example”.

Ice Cream Can:  Having the flu and not having ice cream is an almost automatic connection. But if the flu and the cold are viral diseases, what does ice cream have to do with them? “It doesn’t have a scientific basis, and it’s again a ‘grandma thing’, like not being able to go barefoot”. Many people confuse the increase in sore throat when drinking something cold with the worsening of the disease. But one thing has nothing to do with the other. The specialist explains that, thinking on the scientific side, there is indeed some meaning, but not necessarily linked to diseases, but to the period in which they appear most commonly, that is, winter.

At this time of year, the body naturally already has difficulty maintaining the ideal temperature and consuming cold foods would contribute to worsen the work that the body already has, causing a thermal shock, and this can contribute to a worsening of the indicated situation is to change the Food  cold for the hot, like instead of an iced juice having a hot tea.

Water, Always:  The benefits of water for our body are numerous and, to fight the flu and cold , it is not left behind. In addition to maintaining the ideal body temperature during the cold, water also thins the mucus present in crises. The thinner secretion is easier to expectorate. According to the nutritionist, the ideal is to consume eight to 10 glasses of water a day. “Water really takes a lot of people out of the flu crisis. In addition, when we are in a colder climate, we tend to reduce our water consumption and the body ends up dehydrating much more easily. So, in addition to the discomfort of the flu , there is also the discomfort of dehydration”, adds the professional.

Honey and the like:  If some foods  still don’t have scientific proof of efficiency, honey and its derivatives are more than approved. In  natura foods , as well as propolis and royal jelly, are great allies for improving immunity , in addition to being antioxidants. Studies show that those who consume these foods during crises have a very interesting improvement. Especially when it comes to coughing , honey helps a lot in improving this symptom. The ideal, as with other beneficial foods , is not to consume it only when you are sick, but to include it in your diet.

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