The 8 First Symptoms of Lupus That Should Not Be Ignored

The First Symptoms of Lupus That Should Not Be Ignored  at All. Furthermore,  lupus is a chronic autoimmune disease that today affects nearly millions of people worldwide, most of them women. However, despite the fact that many people have this disease, a possible cure has not yet been found. At the moment, treatments for lupus only relieve symptoms but do not cure the disease.

Like psoriasis , lupus is an autoimmune disease, meaning it is the immune system itself that attacks the body’s tissues and organs, but it can vary greatly in intensity. Some people only experience mild symptoms, while others must even stop working due to illness. Among the main causes of the disease, many of which are genetic, but scientists still don’t understand why some people have more severe symptoms than others. So, check out  The 8 First Symptoms of Lupus That Should Not Be Ignored.

Inflammation of Joints:  When lupus affects the entire system it causes arthritis  which can be one of your First Lupus Symptoms Not to Be Ignored . Like any other type of arthritis it will cause swelling and pain in the joints. In palliative response, drugs can be used.

Blue Fingers:  Lupus causes circulatory problems, which could lead to Raynaud’s disease. This disease is characterized by the contraction of blood vessels in the fingers and toes. This makes the blood flow not reach extremes. This is why toes and fingertips turn blue or white.

Hair Loss: Hair  loss is a common Lupus Symptoms Not to Be Ignored that can have many causes including stress and poor nutrition. However, it can also be a symptom of suffering from  lupus . Typically, hair loss because of lupus is usually temporary, so your hair will grow back in a certain amount of time.

Butterfly Rash:  It is one of the Lupus Symptoms That Should Not Be Ignored . Typically, the rash spreads over the bridge of the nose and both cheeks. In some people, it can spread over a larger area. This rash is usually red or purple, and may be accompanied by scaling.

Exhaustion:  Fatigue caused by lupus has nothing to do with sleep, it’s a feeling of fatigue, as if you could barely move. It’s usually accompanied by a fever, and researchers still don’t know why lupus causes such deep exhaustion, but it could be related to the body constantly fighting a disease that doesn’t exist.

Swollen Legs:  For many people with lupus , swollen legs and ankles are the first Lupus Symptom Not to Be Ignored . Playful nephritis impairs the health of the kidneys by hampering the secretion of fluid. This causes fluids to start accumulating in the tissues, and especially in the legs and ankles, due to gravity. If you are experiencing this symptom, see your doctor immediately to have it examined.

Chest Pain: Chest  pain is one of the most dangerous Lupus Symptom that Should Not Be Ignored as it can indicate that the heart is at risk. Lupus can attack any tissue in the body, including the heart. When this happens, it causes an inflammation called myocarditis. This causes a lot of pain to affect the heart rate. You should immediately go to your doctor if you experience any chest pain to make sure you are not at risk for a heart attack .

Mouth Sores:  Approximately 50% of lupus patientshave mouth sores and nose sores. These sores are usually not painful, but they can be quite irritating. They often appear on the palate, although they can appear everywhere. They are red in the middle and with a whitish “halo” around them.

Lupus is a serious disease that can affect anyone. If you experience any of these symptoms, go to your doctor immediately for a diagnosis.

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