7 foods rich in fiber to lose weight!

Foods rich in fiber for weight loss work , as it is the secret to getting rid of many health problems and losing weight at home. And it is wrong that this item is a sign of flavorless diets, and of little substance. We are going to introduce you to great foods rich in fiber to lose weight that will help in your well-being. Fibers are some of the important nutrients for the functioning of the body, which is not generated by the body.

We need to eat good sources of fiber to ensure the amount needed to live without disturbances. They are responsible for vital functions such as removing fat from the blood and controlling glucose. In addition to helping the whole digestive and skin device .

Fiber Types:

  • Soluble Fibers: These are fibers that have the property of being dissolved in water. They are important for lowering cholesterol and lowering blood glucose levels.
  • Insoluble Fibers: They do not dissolve in water. They act in the good intestinal functioning, as they collaborate for the composition of the fecal cake, the peristaltic movements and evacuation.

Foods Rich in Soluble Fiber:

As you have already read above, foods rich in this type of fiber are ideal for those who want to lose weight and, at the same time, enjoy other health benefits, such as bowel regulation, cholesterol control and prevention of cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. That’s because they can stay longer in the body and, therefore, increase the feeling of satiety in the stomach .


Because it is rich in soluble fibers , they help to reduce cholesterol and glucose, and insoluble fibers help in the proper functioning of the intestine, requiring adequate consumption of water so that the effect is not the opposite (constipation). It also helps in the prevention of chronic, degenerative diseases and some types of cancer. It is important to relate the use of soy fiber together with a diet with natural products and healthy habits and to practice physical activity every day, to obtain beneficial results and improve the quality of life. It is a food widely used, including in the treatment of obesity, so soy is one of the  Foods Rich in Fibers for Weight Loss.


Oatmeal is also one of the Foods Rich in Fibers for Weight Loss, as it helps in the regulation of the intestine, in weight loss and in the control of bad cholesterol (LDL). That’s because it has about 9.5 grams per day, plus B vitamins and protein .


Unlike most fruits because it’s loaded with healthy fats, avocados are on this list of Fiber-Rich Foods for Weight Loss because they’re packed with vitamin C , potassium , magnesium , and vitamin E, in addition to several different B vitamins. Fiber content: 10g in 1 cup, or 7g per 100g of fruit.


It has a high amount of fiber to lose weight in its composition, being recommended to be consumed at least three times a week. About 100 grams of the grain contains about 8 grams of fiber . In addition, the food is also rich in magnesium , protein and  vitamin C.

Whole grain bread:

Whole grain bread is one of the foods rich in fiber  and protein , whole grain bread can help prevent bowel cancer as it facilitates the elimination of toxins by the body, as well as helping to reduce the time the intestinal walls are exposed. to food.


If you suffer from constipation and want to solve the problem, cereals are Foods Rich in Fiber for Weight Loss . These include almonds, quinoa, flaxseeds or brown rice.

Dairy Products:

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Natural, low-fat milk, yogurt, cream and cheese are important sources of protein and fiber . They also provide the body with essential vitamins and minerals. But don’t limit yourself to drinking milk for calcium. There are other  foods rich in fiber for weight loss  and rich in calcium besides milk!

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