2 tips to eliminate tartar and plaque!

Tips to eliminate tartar and bacterial plaque in a simple, natural way and with ingredients that you can even have in your kitchen, everyone wants the white smile of TV or movie stars, which is why dentists have a series of expensive treatments and very aggressive to whiten teeth .

The chemicals used are extremely strong and cause teething wear. However, there is a very simple and inexpensive way to eliminate plaque and tartar, in addition to being natural and not harming the mouth . In addition, a simple mixture of baking soda and sea salt, or using the ingredients separately, helps us to have a whiter smile.

Tips for removing tartar and plaque:

1. Sea salt:

Salt is a product found in many regions. And its chemical composition varies according to where it is taken from. Also, only sea salt will have higher concentrations of Nickel, Magnesium , Iron , Sodium  and Calcium . This last element is the most important for strengthening bones and teeth.

It helps to neutralize the acidity of the mouth and contributes to the activation of saliva, which is a protective barrier of tooth enamel . So, to use only salt in teeth whitening, you must wet the toothbrush and place, on the bristles, the measure corresponding to a coffee spoon .

Also, just brush normally. To reduce the bacteria in the mouth , you can make a salt water to rinse: in a third of the glass with warm water put a pinch of sea salt ; mouthwash for 30 seconds.

2. Sodium bicarbonate:

It is one of the most common products in our home. It serves as much for heartburn or bad digestion, as to soften and whiten leaves for the salad. Also, you can now use it to whiten your teeth . In addition, bicarbonate is an alkaline and abrasive substance. For this reason, it kills the bacteria responsible for bad breath and tartar formation. Teeth become white and smooth with use.

The best way to use baking soda is to put some on your toothbrush . So, just brush normally and, after the first week, the results appear. It can be used alone or mixed with salt.

Attention: People with blood pressure problems cannot have these treatments.

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