How to eliminate migraine with simple natural ingredients!

Migraine is one of the types of headache (headache ) . Migraines  are  characterized by a throbbing pain on one side of the head (sometimes both), usually accompanied by photophobia and phonophobia , nausea and vomiting. The duration of the crisis varies from four to 72 hours, and may be shorter in children.

According to the Ministry of Health, 5 to 25% of women and 2 to 10% of men have migraines . Migraines are  predominant in people aged between 25 and 45 years, and after the age of 50 this percentage tends to decrease, especially in women. The disease occurs in 3 to 10% of children, affecting both genders equally before puberty, but with a predominance in females after this stage.

Migraines  can be divided into  with aura or without aura, and these into episodic or chronic. According to data from the Ministry of Health, 64% of these patients had migraines  without aura, 18% with aura and 13% with and without aura. The remaining 5% had aura without headache.

Often over-the-counter migraine  remedies are taken in excess and end up not bringing results. Here are some home remedies for migraine  that may be helpful. So, check now How to Eliminate Migraines with Simple Natural Ingredients:

How to eliminate migraine with simple natural ingredients:

1. Rest:

Migraines from stress and worries can be resolved through relaxation.

  • Lie down in a comfortable place or directly on the bed and rest.
  • Listen to relaxing music or take a nap.
  • Sleep helps your brain release hormones as potent as drugs, so it’s a very effective home remedy.

2. Watercress:


  • 3 sprigs of fresh parsley (avoid parsley during pregnancy and in case of kidney inflammation);
  • 2 handfuls of fresh spinach leaves;
  • 1 handful of watercress;
  • Apple .


  • In a blender, process Parsley with Spinach, Watercress and Apple .
    Mix, pour into a glass and serve.
  • Makes a portion.

3. Gelo:

  • Place some ice cubes in a sealed bag and cover with a cloth.
  • Place on forehead or directly where you feel unwell for 20 minutes.
  • This remedy is effective and fast to eliminate migraine , in addition to helping to restore good circulation.

4. Hot water:

  • You can choose to put a thermal bag on the back of your neck or around your neck .
  • This technique will help to relax a lot of tension.
  • You can also choose to take a bath with warm water and apply lavender salts.

5. Massage:

  • A very simple option to end headache discomfort is massage.
  • You can massage the scalp, forehead, neck , temples, eyebrows or under the eyes.
  • Press lightly with your fingertips and control the pressure until you get relief.

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