Vinegar to eliminate foot and hand fungi!

Vinegar to eliminate foot and hand fungus works, as it is the desire of all those who have this condition. Fungi that lodge in the nails cause a problem called onychomycosis. Also called ringworm, it is an infection that attacks both the fingernails and the toenails.

Do you know how to identify Fungi of the Feet and Hands ? The feet and hands are an ideal place for the growth of fungi that cause skin infections , especially when they remain in humid or frequently contaminated environments. This condition, which can be painful, can appear as a result of the carelessness of this part of the body, which, despite being so important, is usually ignored in terms of health and aesthetic habits.

The appearance and severity of fungal infections can vary in each person, as many suffer from them sporadically, while others have to fight them on a recurring basis. These infections are not usually a serious health problem, but difficulties in their treatment can signal a weakening of the immune system.

More information about fungi:

Fungi of the  feet and hands can arise due to factors that have nothing to do with the nails, such as:

When attacked by fungi, the nails start to turn yellow and, if not treated immediately, they crack, causing pain. This is a very unpleasant problem, especially when the person exposes contaminated feet and hands on the street.

Worse still when the fungus is already at an advanced level, How to Quickly Eliminate Fungi on the Feet and Hands ? With the “fungus-killing bomb”. This is a recipe that eliminates fungi mercilessly. Can believe! All because in its composition there are powerful antifungals.

The result does not take long to appear. And you will spend very little to produce this potent remedy. It’s just three ingredients. Write it down, do it and check it out. So, check out the  Recipe to Quickly Eliminate Fungus from the Feet and Hands:

Recipe to Quickly Eliminate Fungi from the Feet and Hands:



  • Also, mix in equal parts Alcohol  and hydrogen peroxide 10 volumes.
  • Then add some white vinegar and mix well.
  • Also, apply with a piece of cotton on the infected nails and let it act for 15 minutes.
  • Then wash with plenty of water  and dry well.
  • Also, do this application twice a day until you get rid of the problem.

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