Eliminate Fungus and Calluses from the Feet With This Amazing Home Remedy!

Eliminate Fungus and Calluses from the Feet With This Amazing Home Remedy and All Natural. Also, the feet are responsible for everyday locomotion, most people don’t give it any importance until they notice that they are developing imperfections.Wearing shoes, continuous friction and contact with various types of microorganisms can affect your skin and, over time, cause calluses, cracks and some infections. Although not all of us are exposed in the same way, the lack of care and treatment can lead to uncomfortable symptoms that, before being unsightly, cause us pain and inflammation.

Fortunately, it’s not always necessary to invest in expensive pedicures and professional methods to keep your skin free of calluses, fungus, and other changes. In fact, if we combine inexpensive and easily available ingredients on the market, we can make excellent remedies to soften them and keep them healthy. In this article we are going to share an interesting recipe for you to start taking care of your feet using natural ingredients.

The catalog of home remedies for feet offers a wide variety of preparations to fight fungus, remove dead cells and avoid other irritating problems that make them look bad. Among these we find an aspirin and lemon juice treatment , known in many places for its ability to exfoliate, cleanse and smooth even the most difficult areas of the skin.

How to prepare this home remedy to take care of feet? If you notice that your feet have calluses, cracks or any skin imperfections, don’t hesitate to try this amazing treatment to improve their appearance in no time. Its ingredients are very easy to acquire and, since they are not aggressive, they are suitable for all skin types. So, now get to know the Home Remedy to Fight Fungus and Calluses on the Feet .


  • 5 aspirin
  • Juice of a Lemon .
  • 1 stone-apple


  • Put the aspirin in a mortar and grind it to a powder. If you don’t have a mortar, you must moisten it with a little water and flatten it with a fork.
  • Incorporate the powder obtained in a bowl and then add the juice of one lemon .
  • Mix everything for a few moments until the paste is thick and homogeneous.
  • If you feel it is too dry, add more lemon or a tablespoon of water.


  • Wash your feet to remove dirt accumulated on their surface.
  • Then spread a thin layer of the product on the areas affected by corns and fungi.
  • Wait for it to act for 20 to 30 minutes and rinse with lukewarm water.
  • Then rub the areas with a pumice stone to remove dead, hard skin.
  • Remove dead cells with warm water and dry your feet well.
  • Repeat two or three times a week for good results.

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