Eliminate tooth decay in 5 steps without going to the dentist!

Eliminate dental caries in 5 steps without going to the dentist in a simple and natural way, many hate going to the dentist and the vast majority can experience the so-called ” stress for the dentist”. But the good news is that there is absolutely no need to go to the dentist when it comes to cavities .

Teeth have 4 layers and these can be damaged with acid from the mouth, these layers can dissolve leaving a cavity. For a dentist to repair a decayed tooth, it must first be drilled and then filled. All this can be avoided.

Symptoms of tooth decay:

The signs and symptoms of decay vary, depending on the size and location. When cavities start to form, you may not have any symptoms. As the decay increases in size, it can cause signs and symptoms, such as the following:

  • Toothache , sudden pain or pain that occurs for no apparent reason.
  • Teeth sensitivity.
  • Take the sharp pain when you eat or drink something sweet, hot or cold.
  • Visible holes or holes in the teeth.
  • Brown, black or white stain on any surface of a tooth.
  • Pain when you bite.

Causes of tooth decay:

There are many other factors that influence the appearance of cavities. There are four things that contribute to tooth decay :

  • Lack of minerals in the diet ( Magnesium , Calcium and Phosphorus deficiencies );
  • Lack of fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E and K);
  • Excessive consumption of foods rich in phytic acid;
  • Excessive consumption of processed sugar.

Eliminate dental caries in 5 steps without going to the dentist:

1. Leave the sugar.

2. Eat nutrient-dense foods.

3. Try rinsing with oil.

4. Remove phytic acid.

5. Use creme dental mineral.

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