Eliminate 10 kilos until Carnival with These 2 Ingredients

Eliminate 10 kilos until Carnival with These 2 Ingredients is a good alternative to healthy juices, as well as helping to lose weight with health. The famous Detox Juices, have been making the biggest success and it’s not by chance. In addition to being hydrating and tasty, Detox Juices in general have a detoxifying action, that is, they help our body to eliminate toxins, thus increasing well-being and helping to prevent numerous diseases.

There are Detox Juices for all tastes: From juices that help you lose weight, to juices that guarantee a better sleep at night. Also, as for the preparation, don’t worry, most recipes are made just by mixing all the ingredients in the blender and serving. As for the ingredients, although there is one or another more “exotic”, in general they are easy to find.

Benefits of Detox Juices: With the post-modern routine, the day to day rush and poor diet end up contributing to increase the levels of toxins present in our body. In addition to those already produced naturally, we are still in daily contact with pesticides, medicines and polluting agents. The result of this sum is not positive. These substances, when found, overload and hinder the full functioning of the body. Natural, fresh and fiber-rich ingredients – also called detox foods – are largely responsible for eliminating these toxins. They work together with the liver and have the ability to filter and eliminate harmful substances from the body. So, let’s get to know the Benefits of Detox Juices for Health better.

  • It helps to lose weight and with health, as it eliminates toxins, provides satiety and accelerates metabolism,
  • They act as a diuretic, fighting fluid retention;
  • Stimulate the functioning of the immune system;
  • Improve the digestive system;
  • Stimulate the functioning of the intestine;
  • Hydrate the skin ;
  • Improve sleep;
  • Increase disposition;
  • Stimulate memory performance.
  • Rich in vitamins and minerals essential to the body;
  • Increases mood throughout the day;

There are many advantages of this diet compared to the others: it doesn’t require extremely complicated menus that look like a celebrity feast, it doesn’t cause bad mood and lack of disposition and it also doesn’t cause the binge eating that all people go through after the period of a diet.

The reality is that the detox diet is so simple and pleasurable that it would be unfair to call it a diet because, generally, this word has a negative connotation among those who want to lose weight. moreover, it would be more correct to call it a “detox habit”. Now, let’s get to know the benefits of  Flaxseed and Prune.

Benefits of Flaxseed: The benefits of flaxseed include the defense of the body and delaying the aging of cells, allowing you to keep the skin always beautiful. In addition, flaxseed is the richest source of omega 3 existing in nature and its use provides health maintenance and a better quality of life.

  • Flaxseed improve constipation ,
  • Flaxseed helps control blood sugar ,
  • Flaxseed helps to lower cholesterol because it is rich in fiber and omega 3 that reduce bad cholesterol;
  • Flaxseed helps to lose weight ,
  • Flaxseed helps to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases,
  • Flaxseed helps to reduce inflammation in the body, as it is very rich in omega 3,
  • Flaxseed helps to lessen the symptoms of PMS and Menopause as it has good amounts of isoflavone, phytosteroid and lignan, which control female hormones.

Benefits of Prune: Eating prunes can be a great strategy to help relieve constipation, regulating the functioning of the trapped intestine because it is very rich in fiber. In addition, other benefits of eating prunes involve:

  • Improve blood circulation because it has antioxidants;
  • Fight cardiovascular diseases by having rutin and vitamin C that keep blood vessels healthy;
  • Decrease appetite because it is rich in fiber.

So, now that we know the beneficial properties of Flaxseed  and Prune , now check out the Recipe to Lose 10 Kgs Until Carnival With These 2 Ingredients .


  • 1 Glass (250ml) of Skimmed Milk.
  • 2 Black Plums.
  • 1 Tablespoon of Flaxseed.


  • add the milk with the plum and linseed in the blender.
  • beat all the ingredients.
  • drink then.
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IMPORTANT: To really achieve good results it is necessary that you maintain a balanced and healthy diet. Also, To maximize results, don’t forget to practice some physical activity. Going for a walk every day is a good start.

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