Ectropion – What it is, Cause, Symptoms and Treatments!

Ectropion – What it is, Cause, Symptoms and Treatments of this condition.  Also,  Ectropion  is a condition where your eyelid turns outward. This leaves the inner surface of the eyelid exposed and prone to irritation. Ectropion  is more common in older adults, and it usually only affects the lower eyelid. In severe ectropion  , the entire length of the eyelid is erased. In less severe ectropion  , only a segment of the eyelid pulls the eye away .

What is Ectropion: Have you ever noticed an elderly person withabnormal eyelids ? In fact, it looks like part of your lower eyelid is turned inwards. This is a condition called Ectropion , and it commonly affects older individuals.

Ectropion cases  can be minor or major. Minor cases involve only a segment of the eyelid falling down and flipping out, while larger cases may involve the entire lower eyelid or both the upper and lower eyelids .

What Causes Ectropion: The main cause of ectropion is muscle weakness or tissue relaxation that occurs as part of the normal aging process. Your risk of developing ectropion increases with age. Other triggers include:

  • Brain stroke
  • skin cancer
  • loss
  • Scars from wounds or burns
  • Eyelid growths (cancerous or benign)
  • Birth defects (due to genetic disorders such as Down syndrome)
  • Bell’s palsy (a condition that damages the nerve that controls facial muscles) or other types of facial palsy
  • Prior surgery or radiation treatment of the eyelids
  • Fast and significant weight loss

What are the Symptoms of Ectropion: When you blink, your eyelids help distribute tears that protect and lubricate your eyes. Tears flow into the tear ducts that are inside the eyelids. When the bottom lid flips out, it affects the way the tears drain. This can result in a variety of symptoms, including:

  • excessive tear
  • excessive dryness
  • irritation
  • Burning
  • redness
  • Chronic conjunctivitis (inflammation also known as “ pink eye ”)

If you have Ectropion symptoms , you need quick medical care. Delay in treating this condition can lead to serious complications. If you have any of the following symptoms, they should be addressed by your doctor immediately:

  • Sudden sensitivity to light
  • eye pain
  • Rapid increase in eye redness
  • decreased vision

What are the Treatment Options for Ectropion: While waiting for treatment, lubricating drops can provide relief and protect your cornea from further damage. However, note that improperly blanking your eyes can exacerbate the problem. Always clean from the outer eye to the nose, using an “up and in” motion.

Skin tape, an adhesive made specifically for the skin, can be used to lift the bottom cover and hold it in place to relieve some symptoms. However, be sure to ask your doctor first for instructions and recommendations.

Esticão do tecido cicatricial: Se o problema é devido ao tecido cicatricial, o seu médico pode recomendar o alongamento do tecido cicatricial. Isso envolve injeções de esteroides e massagem nos tecidos cicatriciais. No entanto, este procedimento nem sempre funciona.

Cirurgia: Na maioria das vezes, a cirurgia é necessária. A cirurgia pode ocorrer durante uma internação hospitalar, mas geralmente é feito como procedimento ambulatorial com anestesia local.

Durante a operação, o cirurgião geralmente remove parte da pálpebra inferior. Este procedimento exige pontos abaixo da pálpebra ou no canto externo do seu olho. Na maioria dos casos, esta cirurgia é bastante eficaz e resolve o problema.

If your Ectropion  is due to scar tissue, you may need a skin graft (skin transplant). Your doctor will take the skin behind your ear or the top of your eyelid and attach it to your lower lid. If you’ve already had facial paralysis or a lot of scarring, it may take several surgeries to get the best result and completely resolve the problem.

You may need to wear a temporary eye patch after surgery. You may also be given a steroid and antibiotic ointment to prevent infection. Over-the-counter pain relievers and cold packs can help with pain and swelling.

Some patients feel relief immediately, and others find relief within a few days or a few weeks. Most patients have no more symptoms after treatment and healing.

How Can I Prevent Ectropion: Most of the time, it is not possible to prevent the conditions that lead to Ectropion . However, seeking treatment early can help minimize damage and prevent serious complications.

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