Garlic and bay leaf to scare away bad energies from home!

Garlic and laurel stop to scare away bad energies from home works, because the environment can change according to the people who attend them. Due to the type of energy they have. Although it is true that we are surrounded by many people and we think that they can be good company.

Their negative vibes can affect us considerably and make our moods worse, we feel the stress and the environment becomes quite heavy even if we don’t notice it right away. To avoid and eradicate this type of situation and ward off negative matters, we need 7 cloves of garlic and 7 bay leaves .

In most of these cases it is better to use some homemade tricks that can absorb all the bad energies from people and the method that we will provide today is made of garlic and bay leaves which although they are known in the kitchen they also have a lot of power when it comes to cleaning. and illuminate the space in which we live. So, check out This is the Perfect Recipe to Drive Bad Energies Out of Your Home in Few Days:

Garlic and bay leaf to ward off bad energy from home:

With the help of the funnel, you will pour the water and the rest of the ingredients into the container. Once this procedure is completed, cover it and place it in a visiting area in your home.

If you like, you can also place the container in your workplace so that it also absorbs the negative vibrations of your surroundings. As the days go by, you will notice how the garlic and the leaves change drastically and turn the water another color, this means that they are absorbing all the bad fluids and in turn driving away the bad intentions, thoughts and people who want your harm. .

Why Are Garlic and Bay Leaves Used in This Recipe?

You can be sure that garlic has magical properties, among them physical and spiritual healing, general protection to prevent people from harming us with their bad thoughts and intentions. For many years it has been used in different rituals and professionals give good references about the results with garlic.

On the other hand, bay leaves also have a lot of power. The Romans used them continuously, especially those people who were called clairvoyants, because simply by chewing a leaf or inhaling its vapors, subjects entered a trance state and could reveal prophecies.

Another method these priestesses used was to place one or several leaves under their pillows to have prophetic dreams. We hope that this information has been very helpful and that from now on you will do this to alleviate the environment and get the bad people out of your environment.

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