4 Drinks That Hurt Weight Loss And You Didn’t Know!

These are the drinks that hurt weight loss and you didn’t even know by watching your refined carbs and refraining from second helpings. Maybe it’s time to consider some unexpected reasons why you can’t reach your weight loss goals . Evaluate the liquid calories you are drinking.

One of the reasons why liquid calories hinder weight loss is in the name calories. Also, people who use liquids instead of food on a diet often find they are making healthier or lower-calorie choices. But this is not necessarily true. You need to analyze the amount of calories being ingested.

Drinks that harm weight loss:

1. Fruit juices:

Juices like apple , blackberry, and orange sound healthy, but the calories in these juices are mostly from sugar. Most dieters know that soda is ‘bad’, so they replace it with healthy drinks. Like fruit juice. But what they don’t realize is the caloric cost of it.

A glass of orange juice has 110 calories, while a can of Coke has 140 calories. There is no real economy. According to a study, drinks that contain more sugar are responsible for weight gain.

2. Protein shakes and energy drinks:

Even higher in calories, protein shakes and energy drinks average around 200 calories. They intend to replace the meal. In that case, it is good for calorie restriction. But many dieters continue to eat normally and add protein shakes.

Which defeats the whole point of calorie restriction. To combat this problem, be aware of the calories in what you drink, read labels, and adjust your other intake to accommodate calories. This is very important for your diet , stay tuned.

3. Alcohol:

Alcoholic beverages have a lot more calories than people realize. And they are also metabolized into sugar. Which is not good if you’re trying to restrict your sugar intake. For example, a 200 ml glass of wine has about 120 calories.

A 200 ml beer has about 150 calories. A two-ounce serving of whiskey (as an example of a “liqueur”) has about 140 calories. Even more to blame are sugary mixes for cocktails and frozen drinks.

4. Diet drinks:

On the other side of the spectrum are diet drinks like artificially flavored sparkling water . Diet soda and other low-calorie beverages. They can also cause dietary sabotage, albeit in a different way. One would think that by using diet drinks you save calories.

But recent studies suggest that diet drinks don’t really make the body feel full. Since there is no nutrition in these drinks, the hormones that contribute to intake (desire) are not turned off by these drinks. So you’re still hungry and you’re eating.

And because these artificial sweeteners can actually taste sweeter than sugar without nutrition, they can further stimulate desire centers in the brain and gastrointestinal tract. When sweetness and calories don’t line up, the body’s metabolism is tricked. And when this “mismatch” occurs, calories don’t trigger the body’s metabolism.

How to choose drinks that help you lose weight?

To help with satiety, choose protein drinks. Like milk or a shake made with protein powder or yogurt , which will help provide a better nutritional balance. Drinking an occasional calorie-containing beverage is fine, but generally limits calories in liquid form and saves them for food.

Published research shows that consuming solid carbohydrates from food promotes a feeling of fullness. That is, consuming a liquid form of carbohydrates, which makes the person hungry. So run away from drinks that harm weight loss and you didn’t know.

Keep your drinks simple:

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The best drink is water. But if water bothers you, try caffeinated or decaf teas. Green tea , in particular, is rich in antioxidants and has no calories. Herbal teas, which are actually infusions of edible plant parts or flowers, generally lack caffeine. They taste wonderful and have no calories unless someone has added sugar or sweetener to them.

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