Lemon Elixir Recipe to Stimulate Weight Loss!

After using the lemon elixir made from natural ingredients for a few days, you will start to notice an increase in the fat burning process. In addition, our world is extremely toxic: beauty products, pesticides, environmental pollution, etc. In response to these harmful substances and since fat stores toxins, our body creates mucus or fat to prevent the immune response from taking place.

Could that extra 8 pounds be with you? Possibly, in addition to increasing fat, this process can also be the cause of general fatigue, poor digestion, weakened immune system, and food intolerance.

The purpose of this article is to provide you with a simple method to start the fat burning process. Furthermore, this remedy is not only simple but it is also made with natural ingredients. Its name is lemon morning elixir.

Do this first thing in the morning before consuming it and try to use the ingredients as naturally as possible.

Lemon Elixir for Weight Loss:


– 1 cup of water at room temperature;
– The juice of 1 lemon ;
– 1 teaspoon of cider vinegar;
– a teaspoon of raw honey or a few drops of stevenia;
– 1 cm of fresh ginger root or 1/4 teaspoon of ground ginger;

(Use stevenia if you are on a low-sugar diet).

NOTE: If after consuming you feel sick or uncomfortable in your ribcage, remove the apple cider vinegar . Consume omitting vinegar for at least 3 days, and try to reintroduce it or use only half the dose of this ingredient. If reactions continue, drink only lemon water.

Benefits of morning lemon elixir:

If you start your day with this remedy, your body will react by increasing your digestive enzymes and promoting digestion.

  1. The liver releases toxins and evacuates body fat.
  2. You’ll get a healthy, balanced dose of vitamin C , potassium and minerals.
  3. Control your Weight.
  4. It will regulate blood sugar
  5. Your pH will change and become more alkaline.
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After using the lemon elixir for a few days, you will start to notice a massive increase in the amount of mucus released. If bloating is one of your symptoms, it should go down and allow your stomach to drop your food.

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